Genesis Gaming Shakes up Management

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New team brought in following resignation of founder and CEO Steven Meistrich.

Genesis Gaming has appointed Geoffrey Hansen managing director of worldwide operations in the wake of founder Steven Meistrich’s resignation. Co-founder Scott Sims will serve as vice-president of worldwide game design studios with Joe Cheung as director of finance and James Watson as director of European sales.

The song remains the same

Genesis have also issued assurances that the company’s strategic direction remains “unchanged” and it is still committed to both traditional and online slot game development. They have recently become involved heavily in North America – taking advantage of changing American gambling laws to gain a toehold in the country.

Genesis’ suite of games will continue to appear on online gambling sites in America, Canada and across Europe. Additionally, the company will seek further innovation in mobile and social casino gaming, and sustained growth in the European and North American markets.

Hansen was jubilant about his new role with the company, expressing an optimistic attitude about “working closely” with Genesis partners and clients. He also stressed his prior role with Genesis in business and technology development, and is “proud of the new initiatives that have been positioning the company for new markets and growth.”

Sims also appeared optimistic about the new team’s ability to propel the company forward, declaring that it “has brought new energy and productivity to our game development studios, and we look forward to showing our customers new concepts and games in the New Year.”

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