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Gambling in Vietnam

Vietnam first allowed foreign investors to open casinos in the country in 2003. The Ministry of Finance reported that there are roughly 50 land-based establishments in operation throughout the country. Most of them are frequented by Chinese and Taiwanese travelers, as casinos form an important part of the country's growing tourist industry.

However, they are not open to domestic gamblers. While games like cockfighting and poker have historically been popular among the Vietnamese, the Communist legal code prohibits all such activities among citizens. Those caught gambling can be subject to fines or prison.

However, reports indicate that the government is considering opening casinos to locals on a limited basis. This may be a response which indicate that roughly 3,000 Vietnamese cross the border into Cambodia daily to use gambling services there. In addition, there has been talk of easing bans on sports betting and mobile gambling.

Update: The Vietnamese government has decided to allow casino gambling to citizens for a three year pilot-period starting from March 15, 2017. Locals over 21 years old with an income over $445 will be welcome at Vietnamese casinos.

Online Gambling in Vietnam

Vietnamese citizens are prohibited from using online gambling sites. The government has also blocked the use of foreign gambling sites.

Those caught visiting foreign sites are subject to harsh penalties including fines and prison sentences.