German MotoGP Betting Boosted By Rossi Win In Assen

German MotoGP Betting

It was if MotoGP knew it had to set a good example. With a triple whammy of motorsport all on the same day, the Dutch TT, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and some IndyCar to follow, there were going to be a lot of fans glued to their screens for this one, and the Cathedral of Speed didn’t disappoint providing a great race full of drama and disaster in equal measure with the Championship even closer as a result and if you’re going to do some German MotoGp betting this weekend you should beware; the Doctor is back.

MotoGP World Championship

  • Johann Zarco – 40/1
  • Daniel Pedrosa – 25/1
  • Andrea Dovizioso – 4/1
  • Valetino Rossi – 10/3
  • Marc Marquez – 2/1
  • Maverick Vinales – 7/4

All else being equal German MotoGp betting has always been a little flat, the track more suited to cars, the season at that stage where people are thinking steady not crazy, and the massive fan attendance making it far louder that perhaps the race demands, however this year following the surprise Dutch TT result there’s a lot more at stake with four riders all within 9 points of each other at the top of the championship table. If you like to bet on sports in Germany then, this will be a race not to miss.

When Valentino Rossi sailed across the line to win for the first time in over a year it was the end of a tumultuous race on which he’d stamped himself from early on, slamming the door on a pouncing Johann Zarco who never recovered. When the rain began the brave stuck out on track and with Maverick Vihales crashing out that just left Danilo Petrucci and Marc Marquez up with Rossi, although Cal Crutchlow rode a blinder. After that surprise result German MotoGP betting is a little more tricky this year.

Can Rossi Rise Above The Rest To Win In Germany Too?

Crutchlow’s performance has given him a rather neat 12/1 shot, and both Danilo Petrucci and Johann Zarco are very tempting German MotoGp betting choices at 11/1 although, the experience of Daniel Pedrosa garners him 8/1 at sites like Bet365, however it is Vinales, who, after his rather overly dramatic exit from the track in Assen, only gets 6/1 which doesn’t really reflect his 111 championship points and is thus worth taking advantage of German gambling laws to back, even if only each way.

Andrea Dovizioso only managed a fifth place in Assen, but that was good enough to retain his position at the top of the Championship table on 115 points, and he gets a creditable 11/2 on sites like Bet365, with “The Doctor” Valentino Rossi getting only 9/2 despite his win in the Netherlands. He might not be favourite in the German MotoGP betting stakes but if there’s one thing Rossi was never short of it was ambition to win but knowledge he can may well have been rekindled with last weekend’s victory.

German MotoGP Betting Bonanza At Bet365

German MotoGp Betting Odds

  • Cal Crutchlow – 12/1
  • Danilo Petrucci – 11/1
  • Johann Zarco – 11/1
  • Daniel Pedrosa – 8/1
  • Maverick Vinales – 6/1
  • Andrea Dovizioso – 11/2
  • Valentino Rossi – 9/2
  • Marc Marquez – 7/4

Naturally out front as clear favorite and going into the German MotoGp betting he can make up some points on his three rivals for the title, Marc Marquez gets 7/4 reflecting just what a great job the Repsol Honda Team have done on the bike and how much it’ll love pounding around the Sachsenring this weekend. The Ducati and Yamaha riders are going to have their work cut out for them, but as the Dutch TT proved you can never be sure what’s going to happen on track, especially not with European weather.

It is perhaps a shame for MotoGp that their four wheeled brethren decided to eclipse them with perhaps the Grand Prix of the decade, the Dutch TT had been a delight and the there will be a lot of motorsport fans watching the German MotoGP betting on a repeat performance, although perhaps if you’re German gambling news the Austrian Grand Prix won’t eclipse what happens in Saxony isn’t the smartest idea in the world if only because Hamilton and Vettel look set to be far less civil to each other than Rossi and Co usually are.

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