German Online Betting License Application Deadline Extended

Application deadline for German sport betting licenses has been extended once again.

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The original December 20 deadline to submit applications for German sports betting license has been extended to January 21, 2013.

The latest state in Germany to announce the deadline extension was Hesse, whose Ministry of the Interior and Sports has extended the sports betting concession date for the second time from the initial September 4, 2012.

According to Martin Aarendts, a German gambling law expert, the Ministry has revised several key documents regarding the minimum requirements for the application. State official allowed requested additional time to handle all the official paperwork concerning the license application submissions.

MyBet and digital entertainment have already confirmed their interest in one of the 20 sports betting licenses.

In the meantime, the German Federal Judge is set to rule over a case launched by the North Rhine-Westphalia lottery agency. Joachim Bornkamm is to decide on the general prohibition of German internet gambling under the State Treaty on Gaming.

In 2011, German courts ruled that the federal limitations on sports betting are not against European Union regulations and policies. However, the European Commission disagreed with the decision, and gave Germany two years to work out new laws that do not contradict the online gambling guidelines in the Union.

The German Supreme Court reinforced the internet gambling ban last year. But according to judge Bornkamm, legal situation changed after Schleswig- Holstein state created its own regulation that allows online sports betting within its territories.

Bornkamm voiced: “This prepares a problem, as the European Court of Justice makes high demands on the member states.”

The Federal Court is expected to make a new decision on January 24, 2013, three days after the deadline on submitting German sport betting licenses.

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