Cyprus Police Will Persecute Online Gambling Over Christmas

Cyprus police announced that they are investigating illegal online gambling activities over the Christmas holiday season.

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Cyprus online gambling news sources report that the local police is prepared to introduce a ban on online gambling across the Mediterranean island over the Christmas festive season.

Cyprus police spokesman Andreas Angelides informed that the authorities would carry out anti-gambling campaigns during the Christmas season, traditionally a time when the homely Cypriots prefer to play at online casinos.

Angelides commented: “There is a specific road map and plan.”

The recent change in the gambling laws in Cyprus made online gambling illegal on the island, but so far not much has been done to enforce the regulations.

Thy Cyprus police are also determined to act against live gambling. They raided and searched eleven betting shops during the weekend. The authorities confiscated computers, printers and cash.

17 arrests were made at a Cypriot betting shop in Larnaca, where visitors were caught playing poker for real-money. Everyone present was charged, equipment and cash were seized. A 23-year-old betting shop supervisor has also been charged for taking illegal football bets.

According to police summer, during summer 2012, they have raided 85 premises, confiscated EUR 19,000 along and 100 computers, 65 printers. Charges against 103 people were launched.

Angelides added that they have information from the citizens that could lead to further arrests. “Between December 10 this year and January 13 next year, police will follow leads checking premises where gambling is thought to take place. This includes private homes as well as coffee shops and clubs.”

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