Germans Prepare to Enjoy Gambling On Samsung Galaxy S III LTE

Samsung brings it Galaxy S III LTE model to Germany, where mobile gamblers will have a superb gaming experience

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The Samsung Galaxy S III LTE is a popular choice of a high-end smartphone among those who play mobile casino games. The LTE model was already released in the United States and Korea earlier this year. Industry analysts say if the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE phone’s next target is Europe.

According to sources close to the manufacturer, Samsung Galaxy III LTE enters the European market in early or mid-October. The first country to introduce the LTE model will be Germany. The Samsung Galaxy III is of course already present in Germany in basically all of Europe, but the LTE (Long Term Evolution) model, considered to be Samsung’s best phone in years, is not available yet.

The LTE uses 4G technology, meaning all information on the network (graphics, animations, movies, sounds, music etc.) is handled purely as data. LTE networks should be in fact referred as the “real” 4G networks, most mobile devices on the network operate up to 10 times faster than they would on a 3G network. Think about what it can mean for users who download huge amounts of data or play online casinos in Germany.

Samsung chose Germany as its first market partly because the country already has a working commercial 4G network, and the market is strong and big enough to have explicit interest in high-end phones. Smartphone users interested in playing mobile casino games in Germany will be the first in Europe to be able to use the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE.

Good news for gamblers is that the German gambling laws allow gambling in online and mobile casinos. The country’s laws regarding gambling are changing rapidly. Formerly each German state had the chance to have its own law that was real different from the neighbor’s, but it seems regulation is becoming more unified. We‘ll follow the news.

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