Get The Winning Lottery Numbers! Then Give It All Away?

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Winning Lottery Numbers

They say, with somewhat irksome regularity, that charity begins at home. So then, when we do hit the winning lottery numbers we tend toward generosity. However, whilst we might treat those nearest and dearest to us, few will extend this to strangers. Indeed, those who do so we often consider strange in of themselves. You’ll find even the best lotto jackpot reviews on Lotto Agent exude a sort of fascinated horror at such tales. But, for some, charity isn’t an abstract idea.  

Numerous exponents of charity have, over the years, given away nearly all they own. Jesus led a simple life, Gandhi didn’t live in a palace, and John Lennon tried his best. Indeed perhaps he’s the best example. He’s the closest to someone who hit the winning lottery numbers. His talent and career made him rich. So perhaps more than the son of a carpenter or those dwelling in a kind of ideological poverty, he had the choice. He chose not to give it all away. Just most of it really.

Is this then what we might do in similar circumstances? Would we as individuals give much of our winnings away once we’d met our basic needs? Having hit the winning lottery numbers many extend themselves into luxuries. They grab a better lifestyle, some new toys, or travel the world. Those tales, of exploit and excess, often make the headlines. After all, isn’t that what winning progressive jackpot lotteries is all about? For many of us it’s certainly reason for participation.

Charity Begins At Home But Doesn’t Have To Stay There

Now I suspect we’d all like to think that given the opportunity to assist our fellow man, we will. Perhaps we may not to the same extent as the likes of Mother Theresa or George Peabody, but to some degree. Unfortunately, when we find unexpected wealth in our grasp we can tend to get excited. Who amongst us could not lose themselves in the moment of hitting the winning lottery numbers? Thus we often find our base instincts override the more intellectual or compassionate.

“There’s such a pleasure in being kind and being able to help people. If you’re in a position where you’ve got the money to do it, I think you’re mad if you don’t.”

  • Peter Charleton – Lottery Winner

We might forget any thoughts of philanthropy. However, there are some for whom the best lottery jackpots are those they give away. Sometimes they already have enough money and can be generous to no cost of their own. More usually they simply don’t consider the money won as important. Now those of us that regularly head on over to sites like Lotto Agent might find this hard to believe. Why enter at all if you’re not concerned at all with the winning lottery numbers? 

Winning Lottery Numbers
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Lotto Agent Could Help You Hit The Winning Lottery Numbers

Well for the self-same reasons. Most lotteries are charity-supporting, so merely buying a ticket is in itself a form of giving. Certainly, one with an edge vested interest, but one none the less. So it is perfectly possible to enter with no actual expectation, or even hope, of gain. You can consider the winning lottery numbers irrelevant. Peter Charleton, for instance, won nearly a million, but knew it wouldn’t make him as happy as giving it away would. So, that’s precisely what he did.

“I don’t feel comfortable keep all this money to myself. And so I didn’t.”

  • Peter Charleton – Lottery Winner 

Peter paid his mortgage off, bought himself a second-hand car, then got on social media to give the rest of his win away. Whilst we may all consider his actions baffling, he considers the truth the other way round. So should we all emulate Pete? Well perhaps so. If we hit the winning lottery numbers perhaps, the best lottery to play isn’t found at Lotto Agent but in random acts of kindness. Perhaps, although you may need to have a particular turn of mind to see the rewards thusly.

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We take a look at why some people who hit the winning lottery numbers don’t feel particularly good about keeping their wealth to themself.

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