Great Actresses Without An Oscar: Who Are They?

  • You will be surprised seeing these great actresses on the list of Oscar losers
  • Glenn Close and Amy Adams have the most nominations without winning
  • Watch the next Academy Award ceremony on February 9, 2020
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Glenn Close lost the most Oscars nominations
Image source: Flickr.com

Male film stars are not the ones who often suffer from the injustice of the Academy Awards. There are also many great actresses without an Oscar who deserve an award or two. Check their names on our list and don’t forget to add the date of the upcoming ceremony to your schedule, as it will take place very soon!

Recently, we wrote about famous actors without an Oscar, so now it’s the right time to switch to females. Before the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony takes place on February 9, let’s think of actresses who still don’t have an Oscar and are not nominated for this year’s award too. Therefore, such film stars as Scarlett Johansson or Florence Pugh won’t be on our list.

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Amy Adams is among great actresses without an Oscar

great actresses without an Oscar, oscar 2020, academy awards, bovada
Amy Adams isn’t lucky when it comes to the Academy Awards [Sachyn Mital [CC BY-SA] Wikimedia Commons]
Film fans describe Amy Adams as “female DiCaprio” for her misfortunes at the Oscars. As soon as jokes about Leo’s losses disappeared in 2016, here she came. During her career, Adams received 6 Oscar nominations but didn’t win any. She could become the Best Supporting Actress for Vice, The Master, The Fighter, Doubt, and Junebug. Also, Adams was close to winning the Best Actress award for American Hustle but lost to Cate Blanchett.

Despite all misfortunes, Amy doesn’t give up hope to gain the Golden Man. She can receive her first Oscars in 2021 for The Woman In The Window. The earliest predictions say that this psychological thriller will be among nominees, so let’s cross fingers for Amy!

Glenn Close didn’t win any Oscars out of 7 nominations

If you ask for an even more misfortunate actress than Amy Adams, we’ll name Glenn Close. This 72-years-old film star was nominated for the Oscars 7(!) times but still didn’t win her award. In our opinion, Close was robbed at least twice. In 2011, she should have won for her role as Albert Nobbs in the same-name movie, but the jury gave preference to Meryl Streep. By the way, her victory for The Iron Lady is one of the most controversial Oscar moments of all time.

Last year, everyone bet on Glenn to be awarded for The Wife, but she was unexpectedly beaten by Olivia Colman (The Favorite). We believed that everyone felt sorry for Glenn that night.

Helena Bonham Carter failed to win an award twice

great actresses without an Oscar, oscar 2020, academy awards, bovada
Helena is the one who definitely deserves an Oscar [sbclick [CC BY] Wikimedia Commons]
When it comes to great actresses without an Oscar, skipping Helena Bonham Carter will be a crime. This iconic British actress still hasn’t received an appraisal from the Academy, in spite of getting two nominations. Helena earned her first Oscar nomination in 1997 for The Wings of the Dove, but lost to Helen Hunt. 13 years later, she got her second nomination for The King’s Speech, but the fortune didn’t smile at her again and she lost to Melissa Leo. Helena was also robbed for nomination several times. She definitely deserved ones for Sweeney Todd and Suffragette as her acting skills were highly evaluated by critics.

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the great actresses without an Oscar

A 61-years-old Michelle Pfeiffer received numerous nominations for the Oscars in different years. However, she had all her chances to win in the last century. In the 1980s, Pfeiffer fought for the prize twice: roles in Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys brought her recognition. In 1992, she was close to winning as the Best Actress in Love Field, but lost to Emma Thompson. We believe that Michelle’s Academy award is still waiting for her in the future.

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