Handball Bundesliga 2020/21: Odds on November Matches

  • Handball Bundesliga is a top competition in Germany
  • The 2020/21 HBL season is in its full flow in autumn
  • Check the most interesting matches and bet on them
Handball Bundesliga 2020/21

New betting predictions for Handball Bundesliga 2020/21 are out. Check which teams have the best odds to dominate in November matches. Kiel v Coburg 2000, Leipzig v Lemgo, and more interesting games are coming this fall.

Despite all circumstances, handball competitions are still scheduled in many European countries, including Austria and Germany. The latter hosts its main handball league this autumn – Handball Bundesliga. According to online gambling sites in Germany, there are betting odds on many matches coming this November – check them now and stay tuned to the top-tier handball competition in the country.

German HBL: the schedule for November 2020

In November 2020, more than 20 matches will take place within Handball Bundesliga 2020/21. Primarily, teams are going to finish Rounds 1 and 8 as well as switch to Round 9 and 10. If you want to follow some or all the matches, here is the full HBL schedule for November 2020:

  • 15th November – Fuchse Berlin v Flensburg, Bergischer v Kiel, Essen v Nordhorn-Lingen. Also, two matches were postponed for an indefinite period (Coburg 2000 v Minden and Goppingen v HSG Wetzlar);
  • 19th November – Erlangen v HBW Balingen-Weilstetten, HSG Wetzlar v Ludwigshafen, Nordhorn-Lingen v Goppingen, SC Magdeburg v Essen;
  • 21st November – Bergischer v Fuchse Berlin, Kiel v Coburg 2000, Minden v Rhein-Neckar; 
  • 22nd November – Flensburg v Stuttgart, Leipzig v Lemgo;
  • 26th November – Ludwigshafen v Minden, MT Melsungen v Bergischer, Rhein-Neckar v HSG Wetzlar, Stuttgart v Nordhorn-Lingen. Also, Essen will play against Göppingen to finish Round 1;
  • 28th November – Lemgo v Erlangen;
  • 29th November – HBW Balingen-Weilstetten v Flensburg, Leipzig v SC Magdeburg, Coburg 2000 v Fuchse Berlin, Essen v Hannover-Burgdorf, Göppingen v Kiel.

As it is clear from the schedule, there will be a lot of interesting matches to follow. To find the odds on the upcoming matches, check online sportsbooks in Germany.

Handball Bundesliga 2020/21 betting odds

Handball Bundesliga 2020/21
Let’s play!

There are betting odds on some of the HBL matches from the November schedule. In particular, the most updated predictions are available on Round 8 and 9 at Bet365 Sportsbook. To bet on the winners, sign up or register for Bet365 Sportsbook and check “More Sports” to find odds on Handball competitions. The sportsbook updates the Handball Bundesliga 2020/21 odds as soon as the closest matches are finished. Therefore, it is better to follow the site to stay tuned to all changes. In addition, punters can watch some HBL matches online at Bet365 if they wager on them.

Which team to bet on? According to the HBL standings, Rhein Neckar leads this season with 12 points after seven matches. Kiel and Flensburg are runners-up with 10 points after six games (by the way, Kiel is the reigning champion). MT Melsungen and Stuttgart close the top-5 with 9 points each. Predictably, the best Bet365 odds belong to these teams, so betting on them will be a win-win option.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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