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Gambling in Germany

All forms of land based gambling in Germany are legal and well developed. Among the country there are dozens of casinos, each state has an independent lottery provider and sportsbooks can easily be found in all German cities and towns. There is no separate body that regulates the gambling market in the country as each of the constitutive states has its own authorized institution that oversees the legal functioning of the gambling sector.

Online Gambling in Germany

Online gambling in Germany, as of January 2017, is considered to be officially prohibited, with the exception of one German state: Schleswig-Holstein. The topic of online gambling in Germany has been a very controversial issue in the past year. However, so far, as stated in the Interstate Treaty on Gambling from 2012, all, except one, of the constitutive German states, refuse to offer licenses for providing online gambling services on the German market. Beside the legalization of online gambling in Schleswig-Holstein, online sports betting in the country has also been liberalized as several international sports betting sites are able to offer their products to the German market.