Have the Sonnen vs. Ortiz Betting Lines Changed?

Ortiz vs Sonnen MMA

The build up to Bellator 170 has been going on for months, and in just a few days, two MMA legends will finally face off. Let’s see where the Sonnen vs. Ortiz betting lines stand.

One of the biggest MMA stories in 2016 was free agency. Just a few years ago, a fighter leaving the UFC to fight in another organization was seen as taboo, and likely ill-advised. In 2016, however, that all changed, and some of the biggest names in the sport embraced their free-agency and chose to sign with rival promotions.

Sonnen vs. Ortiz Betting Odds

  • Chael Sonnen: 1.60
  • Tito Ortiz: 2.30

One of the biggest fighters to do so was Chael Sonnen. “The American Gangster” was arguably the UFC’s biggest star from 2010 to 2013, but faded into the limelight after failing (quite spectacularly) an out-of-competition drug test for PEDs. After nearly 3 years outside the sport, Sonnen made US gambling news by announcing he had signed with Bellator MMA.

It didn’t take long for Scott Coker to find an opponent for Sonnen, and this past October it was reported that he would take on Tito Ortiz. A legend himself, Ortiz had already spent a few years inside Bellator, but most MMA fans knew his time in the sport was coming to an end.

Sonnen vs. Ortiz Betting Lines Announced

The one talking point after the fight was announced focused on weight. Chael has spent the majority of his MMA career fighting at 185 pounds, while Ortiz was considered one of the bigger men at 205 pounds.

Leave it to the bad guy from West Linn, Oregon to brush off what could be seen as a disadvantage. Sonnen stated his intention to fight at “gangster-weight,” which by all indications means he will fight anywhere from middleweight to heavyweight.

Sonnen MMA

Chael spent the majority of his UFC career fighting at 185 pounds (photo:

Most online sportsbooks in the US didn’t seem to feel Ortiz’s size advantage would play a big part in the fight, as the Sonnen vs. Ortiz betting odds list Chael as the considerable MMA betting favorite.

Sonnen’s odds to beat Ortiz currently sit at 1.60, according to Intertops. What does that mean? If you bet $50 on Sonnen to win, you’ll earn yourself a cool $30 in profit if he comes out on top. Ortiz is the MMA betting underdog with odds of 2.30 meaning if you place a $50 bet on Tito Ortiz to win this Saturday and he’s victorious, you’ll earn a $65 profit.

What other Sonnen vs. Ortiz bets can you make?

Betting on MMA doesn’t mean you only have to pick the winner. Intertops allows their members to make a number of great MMA wagers. For the Ortiz-Sonnen bout, members can bet on how many round the fight will go as well.

Will the fight go past 3 rounds?

  • Yes: 2.35
  • No: 1.57

This is a fun one for fans. Both men are known for their grinding, wrestling-heavy sighting style, but have shown an impressive ability to finish fights once they hit the mat.

Nonetheless, the US internet sportsbooks feel there’s a good chance this fight will hit the later rounds. The odds for it ending before the third round are currently set at 1.57, while over 3 rounds are set at 2.35. Do you agree?

The Sonnen vs. Ortiz betting odds are set in stone, and MMA fans only have a few days left to make their wagers. It will be memorable, maybe even a little nostalgic to see these two men fight, but we’re predicting it will be a good one.

Do you agree with the Sonnen vs. Ortiz betting odds? Who do you think comes out with their hand raised? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out Intertops for a full list of Bellator 170 betting odds.

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