Here Is How You Bet on Rocket League in Norway


Posted: September 13, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

Interested in eSports, or more importantly, eSports betting? Looking for your favourite video games to bet on or you would just like to find some briefing on how to bet on eSports in Norway? Stay with us for answers…

Those who join one of the sites of the online sportsbook directory in hopes of being able to bet on their favourite eSports games remain disappointed way too often. Especially if their favourite game is not to be found among the most popular ones, which are CS:GO, WoW, LoL, Dota2 or StarCraft II..

Those who love playing Rocket League and want to bet on Rocket League in Norway or anywhere else in the world, are left with not enough options to be able to enjoy this form of gambling. However ,those times are over. Wanna know why? Then take a look at the latest review about Vbet Sportsbook and find out yourself!

Join Vbet Sportsbook and bet on Rocket League in Norway!

Vbet Sportsbook is probably the best site to bet on Rocket League matches in Norway. You can actually find Rocket League betting odds at the popular betting site and your betting options actually vary from match to match. And whenever there is a professional Rocket League game, you have the chance to bet on it!

And a new gameday is coming up soon! You shouldn’t miss your chance to bet on Rocket League matches in Norway. The Mock-It Championship 2017’s next matchday is due on 16 September and obviously you can find the best Mock-It Championship 2017 betting odds at Vbet Sportsbook. Don’t miss your chance to win money betting on eSports!

Check out the best Rocket League teams at Vbet Sportsbook!

Pale Horse eSports are clear favourites against Avant Gaimng according to the Rocket League betting odds that you can find at online sportsbook sites in Norway. However, you might want to bet on the underdogs to win: Pale Horse eSports lost their previous match by 3-0 to Just a Minute Gaming and Avant Gaming might have learnt their weaknesses already…

Just a Munite Gaimng will play against Chiefs ESC, and despite their confident win, they will not be as obvious favourites for their upcoming match. The odds for JAM Gaming to win are 1.75, while those for Chiefs ESC to win are 1.95. Which is the best team? Which teams will win their respective matches? Bet on Rocket League in Norway now!

Would you like to get more chances to bet on Rocket League in Norway? Check out the latest review about Vbet Sportsbook and stay informed about the upcoming eSports betting opportunities! Would you like to place live bets on Rocket League and enjoy each match? Check out Twitch for Rocket League free live streams!

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