Here Is Why You Should Always Bet On Youth Football!

Euro U21 Championship Odds

Have you ever thought if there was any reason why you should always bet on youth football? Let us give you a few of them!

Well, unfortunately for us, football fans and online betting enthusiasts, football tournaments are all over by the end of May, and we cannot enjoy the services provided by online sportsbooks. Unless it’s a World Cup or Euro year. However, there is one thing we can always count on: we can always bet on youth football!

The Euro Under-17 Championship just ended with an unexpected Spanish victory, as most sports betting sites believed England were capable of beating La Furia Roja’s reserve team. However, the Reds won on penalties, upsetting the odds set by the most prestigious betting sites and hence became champions.

Always bet on youth if you enjoy betting on the underdogs!

Such results are not so rare when it comes to betting on youth football: the young football stars are not always capable of showing such constant performances as they might be able to when they reach the top of their career. And that means it is worth placing a bet on the underdogs as the outstanding odds might as well make you rich.

And why I’m telling you all this? Well it’s easy: because you can always bet on youth football and it’s no different in June: the Euro U-21 Championship kicks off on 16 June, so you will have the chance to bet on youth football in Poland. Don’t miss out on the chance to win money betting on football!

Who are favourites to win Euro U-21 Championship?

According to the reports by online betting news in Poland, the biggest favourites to win the tournament are not surprising names at all, as their adult teams are doing pretty well as well: Germany, Spain and Portugal are the biggest favourites to win Euro U-21 Championship.

You can always bet on youth group winners and it will be no match in Group A and Group C: England will be clear favourites to win Group A ahead of Sweden, Polandand Slovakia, and Germany will also be clear favourites to win Group C against Czech Republic and Denmark, however, Italy might even be a tough challenge.

However, the battle in Group B is promising. Online sportsbooks in Poland expect a spectacle battle between Spain and Portugal for the group winner’s position. Serbia and Macedonia should be no challenge for the title favourites. However, as discussed above, smaller youth teams can always surprise the big names…

Bet on youth football tournaments!

Did you grow some interest in betting on Euro U21 Championship? You better join online sportsbooks like Betfair, where you can always bet on youth football events! They offer 3.75 (11/4) odds for Germany to win, and they count Spain and Portugal as their biggest challengers, giving them 5.00 (4/1) and 6.50 (11/2) outright odds to win Euro U21 Championship.

Do you think there will be a surprise winner in the end of Euro Under-21 Championship 2017 in Poland? Make your predictions here and place your bets at your favourite betting sites to win money betting on youth football! And when you do so, don’t forget to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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