Here is Your Last Chance to Bet on Next UK Prime Minister

UK General Election Odds

Tomorrow it’s election day and the British people will once again choose their parliament… and this means that you can bet on next UK Prime Minister!

Online betting news in the UK are almost as excited about the upcoming UK General Elections 2017 as they were ahead of the infamous Brexit referendum. The UK Election Day is tomorrow and it will decide about how the next parliament will look like and who the next UK Prime Minister will be.

The political system in the United Kingdom is a two-party system, which means that it’s usually either the Conservatives or the Labour Party governing the country as these have been the two biggest parties for decades. Currently there is a Conservative majority in the British Parliament, and based on surveys, they will retain their leading spot this year…

Bet on next UK Prime Minister!

The leader of the Conservative Party is reigning UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. She has been the replacement of David Cameron, who resigned after his failed bluff of the Brexit campaign. Theresa May is running for the position again and if you want to bet on next UK Prime Minister, she is the safest bet you could make.

The odds for Theresa May to be next UK PM are 1.18 (2/11) at 32Red. Her biggest challenger will be Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose odds to win the Prime Minister’s title are 5.50 (9/2) at online sportsbooks in the UK. The Conservatives are expected to gain the most seats in the Parliament, so May is the favourite. Let’s see how the British think about that!

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