Revenge For Brexit? Bet on Scotland v England!

Scotland v England Odds Brexit

Usually there is no real stake at international football friendlies, but there are some exceptional cases, when it could be about much more than just that… bet on Scotland v England!

Online sportsbooks in the UK are always eager to present odds for England to win. And while they might not be so desperate to push the chances of the Scottish national football team as they are not so famously good, this might just be the perfect time for the Scottish side to beat England.

Those of us interested in politics know exactly how Scotland was against Brexit while England was clearly in favour of it. Scotland has been seeking ways to quit the UK and stay in the EU ever since the infamous referendum. While this match won’t give them any solution to stay in the EU, they might show their anger to their ‘rulers’ by beating them in football…

Football and politics hand in hand…

On the other hand, those of us interested in football as well as politics, must know the relation between these two: while people watch football in hopes of releasing stress and enjoying spectacle games, it can also be a medium to express political opinions, or maybe even to fight oppression.

That’s what the Catalans used the Camp Nou back in the ‘good old days’ when Franco, the nationalistic dictator, was leading Spain, and this might be the perfect tool for Scotland to message the world: ‘we are not satisfied with how the things are going’. However, their message should be crystal clear on the field, and that won’t be easy…

England are clear favourites…

It won’t be an easy task for Scotland to take revenge for them being forced out of the EU against their will. The English football team is far stronger and all online sportsbooks expect them to be capable of winning Saturday evening’s UK football derby.

The odds for England to win against Scotland are as low as 1.70 (7/10) at Betway, which kind of makes it look like a safe bet. The odds for Scotland to beat England are 6.00 (5/1) at Marathonbet… Maybe you want to bet on Leigh Griffiths to score for 5.00 (4/1) at Bwin.

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