Hillary Clinton’s Force Awakens

Posted: February 1, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s force awakens as she attacked Bernie Sanders policies, re-fortify her “Southern Wall” and finally use her experience to convince voters of her strength as a presidential candidate.

• Hillary Clinton’s campaign is picking up speed again
• Bernie Sanders poll rating was 51% last week
• Clinton was provoked and finally showed her strength

The Iowa caucuses are proving to be a major step in the Democratic nomination. Two candidates who have emerged as the “stand alone frontrunners” are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. As voters have witnessed Sanders rise like a phoenix, Clinton was put in a corner. With a surge of adrenalin she chose to fight instead of flight. This should secure Hillary Clinton’s betting odds or increase them.

Not only has Hillary Clinton’s force awakened, but voters might finally be seeing the real Hillary Clinton. Amongst the rhetoric of Donald Trump we saw a reserved Clinton. Now we are witness to an image that took years of political spinsters to develop. She has once again forced us to take her seriously.

Hillary Clinton’s history for slow starts

Like an over-confident track star (minus Usain Bolt), Hillary thought she already won. She’s got Las Vegas on her side as the overall favorite. Hillary Clinton might a safe bet among those mobile betting out there. Bovada list her odds at -1200. That position was the result of her presence as First Lady to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Somehow, Clinton has repeated the same performance from her last attempt to be the Democratic nominee. She was confident she would win the nomination in 2008. Barack Obama was already building a strong “grass roots” campaign. Hillary didn’t show concern. After Obama won New Hampshire, Hillary left the starting block. Even with the help of her husband, it was too late for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as Star Wars Characters

Meanwhile on Demobah (Photo: politicalcartoon.com )

Fortunately for her, Clinton knows what “being in a tough spot” feels like. Sanders led the polls last week at 51%. Now she has more of her own credentials to win over Sanders. Having already began to get backing within Iowa, she has a better than average chance. I would definitely go to my favorite internet betting site and put lay down some money on Clinton to take Iowa.

Clinton’s attempts to take on domestic policies

Clinton’s force awakened in the form of a two-point attack on Sanders. The first being Sander’s domestic policy initiatives. Clinton first tackled universal health care as First Lady. Failing miserably, she used her experience to help Obama. The “Affordable Health Care Act” is greatest step towards universal health care in America’s history. Sander’s has focused on its flaws and exposed Hillary to his.
Clinton vowed to not let Sanders alter “Obamacare” allowing republicans to change it. Hillary’s second point of attack came in the form of gun reform. Sanders record for voting repeatedly against gun reform was a big red target for Clinton. Connecting these votes to domestic terrorism by foreign fighters has helped Clinton. The combo alone should draw voters to online betting.

The battle since Benghazi

As Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton gained experience none of the other candidates possess. Hillary walks a slippery slope when it comes to foreign policy. Too much bravado will bring reminders of Benghazi. The attack of the Libyan Embassy, killed four U.S. personnel. With controversy she survived the hearings. Benghazi has kept Clinton’s force from awakening until recently.

Clinton voted to enter the Iraq War. This will be used by Sanders and the republican candidates. Hillary’s experience still stands. Her experience with Middle Eastern diplomacy still makes her more knowledgeable on dealing with ISIS. Obama critics will take aim at Hillary. Some voters may not want more of the same policies towards Syria.

If the major foreign policy question of today is ISIS, Iran is second. Hillary spoke out against Sanders’ idea to invite Iranian troops to fight ISIS. Hillary does have experience with Iran. Most of the reform with Iran took place during Obama’s second term. Hillary’s opponents will mention this. U.S. mobile gambling will have to take into consideration the final battle for presidency. The real question is who can beat Rubio?

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