Florida to Legalize DFS


Posted: February 1, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

Senate Regulated Industries Committee and House Finance and Tax Committee approved two bills that would help Florida to legalize DFS.

Florida to legalize DFS possibly after two bills, SB 832 and HB 707 were amended and approved by two Senate committees that would regulate such games in the state. US gambling laws in Florida would approve the operation of DFS sites offering cash prizes with 750 plus players paying $500,000 and registering in Florida.

Florida to legalize DFS if bills pass two more stages

Gambling laws would require operators to ban children from playing the DFS games in Florida. Employees of DFS operators would also be banned from participating fantasy sports contests, US gambling news report.

After the Senate Regulated Industries Committee and the House Finance and Tax Committee passed the bills, there is only one more committee to go. After that, a full House vote would occur in order to Florida to legalize DFS.

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