Learn How Online Casino Promo Codes Work


Posted: July 7, 2020

Updated: July 7, 2020

  • There are 5 major types of casino promo codes
  • Learn how they work and what benefits they carry
  • Check King Billy Casino to gamble using promos & bonuses

Just like online shops, casino sites offer various coupons and bonus codes to attract new visitors. However, this is not the only purpose of them. Learn how online casino promo codes work to get additional profit from exclusive gambling offers.

Giving promo & bonus codes as well as various coupons is a common practice at most online gambling sites in China. They help casinos and sportsbooks to claim and advertise different promotions and attract new visitors to their websites. Promo codes can be of the following types:

  • Promotional codes
  • Bonus codes
  • Signup codes
  • Coupons
  • Vouchers

Advantages of promo codes seem obvious for gambling platforms, but how do gamblers benefit from them? Here are examples of usage of different promo codes that will help you to see their pluses.

How online casino promo codes work

Let’s see how different casino promotions work in real life.

Promotional code

Promotional or promo codes themselves are commonplace at online casinos. Gambling sites usually offer them to claim discounts available for gamblers in a particular period of time. They aim to inform you about special offers or discounts on particular games. In general, casinos inform their users about promo codes via emails, so do not forget to check it after signing up for King Billy Casino.

how online casino promo codes work
Codes are very useful.

Why are promo codes useful? Firstly, you will not miss the latest discounted offers among hundreds of games. Almost every online casino has dozens of game types, so it is difficult to monitor the most profitable ones. Also, it helps to save money as playing games on discounts would be obviously better than paying the full price; at the same time, the winning chances stay the same.

Bonus code

Bonus codes are an important part of each and every online casino. To learn how online casino promo codes work, you should read about existing bonuses. Recently, we explained how to use casino bonuses. We recommend reading about types of online casino bonuses to see the full picture of all benefits casinos offer you.

To cover it briefly, these codes can include welcome, deposit, and no deposit bonuses. They are usually given to new users, however, there are also some exceptions. Bonus codes also help to save money and even double it while signing up for a casino to enjoy playing games to a tee.

Signup code

Signup codes are somewhat related to bonuses. However, there is a difference between them and it lies in the broader coverage. While bonus codes can be given to anyone, signups are available for new users only. They have the same advantages: saving money, giving welcome bonuses or extras for your first deposit.

how online casino promo codes work
Let’s play!


Online casinos in China also offer various coupons for their users. What are they? Commonly, coupons include specific promotions than one can purchase or give away. For instance, there can be coupons including 100 free spins in slots, a 50% discount on certain games, etc. Land-based casinos also have coupons to use, but they include a wider range of offers: from 2-for-1 drinks to discounts on poker, blackjack, and roulette.


Vouchers are popular mostly in land-based casinos, however, they can be also applied to some online gambling sites. Online casinos usually accept vouchers for deposits or withdrawals. If you have been given a special voucher, you don’t have to worry about depositing your own money. In terms of withdrawal, they will help to avoid ID verification as many gamblers are not happy with sharing their personal data. If it disturbs you too, vouchers can solve this problem.

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