3 Reasons Why ID Verification Is Important In Online Casinos

  • Verifying your identity is necessary at online casino
  • What documents can you use instead of passport or ID?
ID verification is important in online casinos

Arguments why ID verification is important in online casinos seem obvious: security and safety stay above all. Although it is crucial, there are other reasons lying behind. Here are 3 non-obvious factors that make gambling sites ask for your passport.

Everyone who has ever registered at online casinos in the US knows that most require ID or passport verification. This step is as important as it is annoying for gamblers who don’t want to share their personal data on the Internet. Yet their complaints can be understandable, online gambling sites have strong reasons to ask for your passport. Here are 3 reasons why ID verification is important in online casinos.

Reasons why ID verification is important in online casinos

Online casinos usually ask for identity verification in 2 cases: when you sign up or when you withdraw your winning money. Apart from security measures (everyone knows about scammers), here are 3 reasons why they have to do it.

ID verification is important in online casinos
Verify yourself!

They make sure you are of full age

Playing online gambling games has always been limited by age. Each country with legal online casinos makes restrictions on the minimum age of gamblers. Some of them allow playing gambling games at 18, while others make people wait until they are 21. To make sure you can gamble legally, online casinos like Intertops Casino ask for documents.

Most casinos in the US allow gamblers above 21 to play poker, blackjack, slots, and other games. However, you can gamble at the age of 18 in Washington, Florida, California, and 8 other states.

They check if you have been ever banned from gambling

As safety and security is the major concern of online casinos, they make sure all their guests are “clear”. They let only trustworthy people gamble and prevent former scammers from signing up for their sites. In other words, casinos ask for your ID cards to check whether you have ever violated rules or not. If yes, you will be denied to gamble. Cheating, having more than one account, and other forms of breaking rules are forbidden at casinos. 

They need proofs of payment

One of the reasons why ID verification is important in online casinos is checking proofs of payment. Casinos make sure you don’t use stolen credit cards to gamble. It also works vice versa – this step helps to prevent someone from stealing your data for payouts.

ID verification is important in online casinos
Must have proof.

Top-3 alternative ways to verify your identity at online casinos

If you are still not happy to share your ID or passport number with gambling sites, look for alternatives. Luckily, online casinos are very loyal to their clients and allow verifying identity with other documents. So, if showing your ID is a real problem, check what are the other documents accepted by online casinos.

  • Driving license. Some online gambling sites in the US allow submitting a driving license instead of an ID card. They contain all the necessary information about future gamblers: age, citizenship, and personal data. At the same time, using a driving license is safer as in case of data loss nothing terrible can happen.
  • Copy of utility bill. Usually, utility bills can be accepted by casinos as they also show the gambler’s name and address, but don’t reveal any crucial information. However, there is one drawback in using utility bills instead of ID. Online casinos can ask for additional documents during the money withdrawal. They do it to verify that your winnings belong to you and no one else is taking your money after finding a bill in a rubbish bin.
  • Copy of bank statement. The same touches upon the bank statement with your name and address. It can serve as a document, but you will need to show another one to prove that the account belongs to you. Good news though: you don’t have to leave your ID data when bringing a bill or bank statement along – just show it and you are done.

Remember that casinos must verify your identity for your safety first. It protects your account and the winning money from frauds. Moreover, don’t forget to check reviews about casinos you want to sign up for to make sure they are reliable. The review about Intertops Casino is a perfect example.

You can discover more about Intertops Casino here.

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