How Should You Tip at Casinos?


Posted: December 20, 2022

Updated: December 20, 2022

  • New payers always have a question about whether to tip at casinos or not
  • In this article, we'll tell you all about how should you tip at casinos

Let’s talk about how should you tip at casinos. Actually, this is not something that only concerns new players. there are many people out there who play casinos without knowing if they should tip and who should they tip. If you are one of this kind then don’t be afraid, we are here to help you figure out this thing.

When it comes to playing at a land-based casino and not an online gambling site in the US, it can be problematic all in all how to act and what to do. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to play at National Casino instead, when you play online it’s just easier. 

Although if you choose to play at a land-based casino what about tipping? Formerly we have discussed the topic of casino etiquette, and now let’s take a deeper look at this tipping topic. Are you ready Let’s get started!

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How Should You Tip at Casinos? – Let’s Talk About It

even though it might be a topic that some people don’t feel like talking openly about, it’s most definitely something important. When you visit a restaurant or a hotel you know when to tip and how. It’s something you either learn as you grow up or something that just comes with life. These things might be easier to master as most people eats out at restaurants for example.

Casinos are always something that is harder to talk about. And even though you wouldn’t think about it first, there is an etiquette too that you should follow. So let’s talk about it openly and discuss this matter. There are players who for instance don’t like to play at a real-life casino and would choose online gambling site in the US. And while they are amazing too, you shouldn’t be afraid to visit a casino just because you are not sure how to act. 

Tipping the Staff – Who Should You Tip?

So after getting to the conclusion that you should tip some members of the staff working at a casino let’s talk about the whos. Well, if you have ever been to a casino you know that in order to everything go swiftly they have plenty of employees.

How Should You Tip at Casinos
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Everyone does something that helps things to go as smoothly as possible. And they are doing it for you, and that you really enjoy your stay there. So ideally you shouldn’t just focus on for example the dealers but tip everyone that you feel will help you. Also, of course, there are special staff members you should pay more attention to. Or if you don’t want to tip everyone you should tip them at least. 

What About the Dealers?

And those special staff members we just mentioned are the dealers. They are the ones that you most certainly met if you play a game where there is a dealer. Of course, if you play only slot machines, for instance, you won’t meet any. However, usually, you meet one or two at least when you visit a casino.

Dealers are a very important part of a casino, and they do a lot for casinos to work properly. When it comes to them are many different theories going on about them, as they seem to be a mysterious part of a casino. However, in reality, they are just casino employees doing their job which is mainly helping you and the casino to operate as best as can. 

Tipping the Dealers is an Important Thing to Do

So all in all tipping the dealers is important. You can leave out tipping other members if you feel like it, although we would advise you not to do it. However, tipping the dealers is something we all just do. First of all, this is part of gambling etiquette, and also shows your character. And secondly and most importantly if you doesn’t tip the dealers it will give bad vibes to other players.

How Should You Tip at Casinos

It’s a known fact that a happy dealer is a better dealer, they would do their things faster, etc. And if you don’t tip them well, they won’t really enjoy it. And that could easily ruin the game you are playing for other players. In a nutshell: tipping the dealers is a must, for many reasons. This is just a rule when it comes to how you tip at casinos.

How Should You Tip at Casinos? – Chips Or Real Money?

going on with our topic of how to tip at casinos we have another important matter to discuss. When you decide to tip someone at a casino let it be a dealer or a staff member you should never give them casino chips. But how should you do it? Let us tell you an example.

You are playing blackjack and want to tip the dealer you don’t take up some chips and give them to them and you don’t give them just cash right there. While you play you should put aside some chips (it’s up to you) and have them separated for the dealer. And after your game, you give it to them. 

Or another form of tipping dealers is basically sharing your winnings with them. Of course, you don’t have to give them half of your winning just an amount you think is fair to give. 

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Other Memeber – Bellboys

When it comes to how should you tip at casinos there is another thing we haven’t mentioned before. There are some casinos that are also hotels. And if you stay at a casino like that there are other staff members you have to think of when it comes to tipping. One of them is called the bellboy or the bellhop. As their task is literally to help you, they are staff members you should always remember to tip. And remember: it’s all up to you how generous you want to be with tipping, just don’t forget it. 

All in all these at the basics of how should you tip at casinos. We hope this article was helpful and next time you visit a casino you’ll know how to act about the tipping. What’s more don’t forget to visit National Casino which offers you the best games online.

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