How to Bet on Biathlon in 2021: Best Gambling Tips

  • Biathlon is not one of the most popular winter sports, but every year it gains more and more fans
  • Biathlon betting deserves special attention and an explanation of the main nuances
  • In this article, we will explain how to bet on biathlon in 2021
how to bet on biathlon in 2021

Biathlon is not one of the most popular winter sports, but every year it gains more and more fans. This largely explains the amazing telegenicity of this sport: it is not boring, it is perky, and it is always beautiful. Indeed, biathlon competitions are regularly broadcast on many of the most popular sports channels in the world. Spectacular sports cannot be ignored by betting enthusiasts or bookmakers. Therefore, biathlon betting deserves special attention, careful consideration, and an explanation of the main nuances. In this article, we will explain how to bet on biathlon in 2021.

From a predictive point of view, this sport is also significantly more interesting than its winter Olympic cousins. The fact is that in addition to boring ski runs, somewhat dull to watch, biathlon races also include shooting. It adds an element of randomness to the results of the competition. Indeed, it is this factor that attracts many people to bet on biathlon in online sportsbooks in Russia.

Advantages of the biathlon betting

Even though in most cases the odds in biathlon are subject to a margin above average, a competent player will certainly be able to find values ​​in the positions “Who is higher” and “Who will make the most mistakes.” Usually, the analytical centers of the offices do not bother much with biathlon. Therefore, the bookmakers can periodically give unreasonably high odds that competent players can use. The above factors also contribute to the fact that even despite the high margin, sure bets are formed between the coefficients of some pairs in the “Who is higher” column in different gambling establishments. Naturally, the odds level out rather quickly, but the most agile arbers periodically manage to catch the desired variation. If you want to make real money while watching biathlon, visit the 22BET Sportsbook.

How to bet on biathlon in 2021: Disadvantages

Considering the low popularity of this sport, it is not surprising that the margin in biathlon betting at bookmakers is traditionally high. However, non-spoiled lovers of these bets have to put up with this injustice, since they simply have no alternative. Besides, more often than not, high margins go side by side with low betting limits. Biathlon is no exception in this case. It is unlikely that you will find a bookmaker that will give you several tens of thousands of rubles on one outcome of a biathlon race.

Moreover, many online sportsbooks in Russia do not offer biathlon betting at all. Even though biathlon is very popular in the Scandinavian countries (as well as Austria and Germany), and despite regular broadcasts on the leading European sports channels, in many bookmakers, it is still impossible to put on biathlon at all. For many of those who, nevertheless, include competitions in this sport in a line, everything is limited only by the position of “Race winner”. That is why lovers of biathlon betting usually play in one office for winter sports, and in another, they make all other bets.

Unfortunately, LIVE bets on biathlon are offered only by a few bookmakers. Due to the difficulty of providing this kind of bets on such dynamically changing races, and also because of the not very high popularity of biathlon in principle, bookmakers offer live in an extremely condensed, cropped form with constant pauses and changes in odds. Indeed, it is quite difficult to call this whole chaotic process a full-fledged LIVE. Check Top Winter Sports Events in 2021 to find the best sports betting events.

how to bet on biathlon in 2021
Are you into biathlon?

The role of the random factor in biathlon

All results in sports are somewhat random, but in biathlon, the factor of luck often comes to the fore. The fact is that the fate of the entire race here can be decided by a light breeze at an unnecessary moment. Or, on the contrary, by a minute of calm during bad weather. These factors relate to the unpredictable elements of the race, making biathlon one of the most “lottery” sports.

Besides, the fact is that major biathlon competitions only take place from November to March. Thus, biathlon betting fans have to stand idle for more than six months. Besides, after the start of a new season, for such a long break in the form of athletes, serious changes often take place. They make the starting stages of the World Cup predictable exclusively for the insiders of this sport. However, if you learn how to bet on biathlon in 2021, you will surely make a winning bet in the 22BET Sportsbook.

How to bet on biathlon in 2021: Types of bets

Race winner. This position has a self-explanatory name and offers to guess which of the race participants will take first place. Given that there are usually no clear favorites in this sport, the odds for the main favorite in the race are rarely below 2.5. Besides, considering a large number of proposed candidates for victory, the margin, in this case, turns out to be very solid.

Who will reach TOP-3? Everything that concerns the winner of the race also applies to this position. Here, you can guess which of the riders will get on the podium after the races. Besides, the odds for favorites will often fall below 1.4.

Who is higher? This position is traditionally the most popular among biathlon bettors. It is not offered by all online sportsbooks in Russia. However, all the offices that offer more or less high-quality bets on winter sports invariably represent these positions. So, in the races of the world championship, you can find up to 30 comparisons. In each of them, you can predict which of the pair of riders will be higher at the end of the race.

Who will make more mistakes? This position is found in the lines of bookmakers much less often, and therefore is in significant demand. Most often, the upper limits for bets on this position are extremely small. Therefore, large players will not be interested in betting on the number of misses. For others, this is a great chance to get a solid dose of adrenaline and add some “spice” to the race view.

Other offers. Additionally, some biathlon bookmakers also offer bets on the number of misses with a handicap, on individual total misses, doubles total misses, six places, the country whose representative wins the race, etc.

how to bet on biathlon in 2021
Let’s shoot!

Pre-race analysis

Before you start betting on a biathlon race, you need to analyze all possible layouts. Pre-race analysis in biathlon is significantly different from what is necessary for team sports or tennis. Since it is not only single but also extremely dependent on a large number of random factors.

The current form of athletes. You will get the most accurate information for thought by studying the shooting statistics of athletes during the last five to six starts. This indicator will give a clear idea of ​​how well each particular biathlete has been feeling the rifle lately. Pay attention to the net run rate, which also has a significant impact on the bottom line. All this information in a digestible form can be obtained on the official website of the IBU.

Motivation. As in any other sport, motivation plays a key role in biathlon. It is it that makes athletes “kill” in many ways at a distance to the very finish, saving every second. Thus, do not neglect to study the overall standings of the competition before placing a bet. Additionally, home competition events and changes in personal life can affect motivation. In general, this is a very important element in how to bet on biathlon in 2021.

how to bet on biathlon in 2021
Bet on biathlon!

Weather. Weather plays a huge role in biathlon betting too. For example, if the snow intensifies, experienced players give preference to riders who are in the first half of the start protocol. Indeed, by the time the second half starts, the track will already be broken, and the speed of later starting biathletes will drop significantly. The weather has an even greater effect on shooting. Moreover, at the shooting range, bad weather will equalize the chances, and at a distance, high-speed ones will be better.

How to bet on biathlon in 2021: Best bookmakers

Although this sport is not included in the top 4 most popular in Russia, you can bet on biathlon on the websites of many online bookmakers. Note that they can not be seen in the line all year round. As a rule, the line for biathlon appears on the eve of the competition. One of the best bookmakers for biathlon among the Russian players is the 22BET Sportsbook. This is primarily due to the wide choice of bets. Even before the start of the next competition, here you can find bets. For example, you can bet on the individual performance of a particular biathlete.

When it comes to the biathlon world championship, bets will always be available on the number of medals for each team. They are also available on the number of gold medals in different disciplines. A large selection of bets on biathlon in the 22BET Sportsbook also explains the high position of this company in the Rating of bookmakers for choosing bets. Learn more about 2021 Women’s Biathlon WC Odds Predict Norwegian Victories and make your winning bet. Good luck!

You can discover more about 22Bet Sportsbook here.

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