How to Find the Best World Championship 2017 Outright Odds to Bet on League of Legends in China?

League of Legends China Odds

If you’ve ever seen an eSports World Championship before, then you know why you should do the same when League of Legends World Championship 2017 starts. If not, you better start realising what you’ve been missing out on. Either way, we’re here to help you find the best odds to bet on League of Legends in China!

League of Legends world Championship 2017 will be one of the most exciting events of the year. As online sportsbook news sites in China have already announced, the competition will kick off on 23 September and the very last day of the LoL tournament will be held on 4 November. The attractive Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium will give venue to the competition until the group stage finishes.

How LoL World Championships are organized

This competition becomes a bit tricky and could be hard to understand how it will be executed. The whole tournament is divided into different regions. These are the following: South Korea (KR), Japan(JPN), China (CN), Europe (EU), Brazil (BR), Latin America North (LAN), Latin America South (LAS), North America (NA), Oceania (OCE), Southesast Asia (SEA), Turkey (TUR), Taiwan & Hong Kong & Macau (LMS) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Out of all these regions, South Korea and China are the ones to stand out quite obviously, especially the former one: South Korea is the only region to give 3 teams to the Worlds 2017 Group Stages, while there will be 2 teams from each of the EU, CN, NA and LMS regions. Most of these regions will have to participate in the play-in stage.

The Play-in stage pretty much is toe football-equivalent to the qualification series: the teams decide in playoff battles which ones are good enough to participate in the highest level, and which are the ones that better go home on time. The South Korean region will not perform in the Play-In section at all: the best 3 South Korean League of Legends teams are starting in the Group stage, where 16 teams will compete against each other.

Bet on the best League of Legends teams!

Which are the best LoL teams in the world?

As mentioned before, League of Legends is pretty big in South Korea and hence the South Korean region is likely to be crowned as League of Legends World Champions this year. The biggest favourites to win the 2017 World Championship in League of Legends are all in the South Korean region: SK Telecom T1, KT Rolster, Samsung Galaxy, Longzhu…

However, the chance to be able to play World Championship 2017 finals in the Beijing National Stadium might give an extra boost to the Chinese teams as well. Which means that betting on the Chinese teams to win might not be such a bold idea actually. The odds for Edward Gaming to win Worlds 2017 are 18/1, while the odds for OMG to win are 40/1… Will you go for the underdogs?

LoL WC Final

The final is to be played here… not bad, is it?

How to watch LoL World Championship 2017?

Where can I find LoL live streams?

  • Watch League of Legends live streams on Twitch
  • Find live streams for LoL on official YouTube channels
  • Check online sportsbook sites for League of Legends live streaming services

Luckily this problem should be the least of your concerns: League of Legends World Championship 2017 will be streamed all around the Globe which means that all gamers will be free to enjoy this competition. Most of these services will be completely legal. But how do I find League of Legends live streams?

Luckily eSports enthusiasts are not short on options when it comes to finding live streams for League of Legends competitions: Twitch broadcasters are everywhere, but official YouTube channels also provide live LoL streaming for the fans. Not to mention the several online sportsbook sites in China that have in-built live streaming features.

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