How to Play Four Aces at Online Casinos For Real Money?


Posted: March 9, 2021

Updated: March 9, 2021

  • All about Four Aces explained
  • How and where to play the game for cash?

Why don’t you learn how to play Four Aces at online casinos? This easy-to-play card game is one of the best ways to win easy money. Check the rules, learn some tips, and hit the progressive jackpot right away.

Playing classic gambling games at online casinos in Poland can be boring for experienced players. If you are one of the gamblers looking for new challenges, try out Four Aces. This is an easy-to-play card game where you can win money without much effort. Let’s see where and how to play Four Aces in 2021.

How to play the game?

Four Aces is a card game by Evoplay Entertainment played with a standard deck of cards. The objective is to predict the card’s suit to win money. Unlike other popular card games like poker or blackjack, Four Aces is played by one player against a computer. 

To play Four Aces at online gambling sites in Poland, follow our step-by-step instructions:

  • First of all, you have to place a bet. Depending on the casino, the minimum and maximum amount of money you can wager varies from $0.25 to $300. 
  • Then, you will see four cards in front of you. All are out face down. To play, you have to predict either one or two possible suits of cards. It means you can choose one particular suit of the card (spades, diamonds, clubs, or hearts) or a combination of two (spades or clubs, hearts or diamonds, etc).
  • Once you are done with your choice, choose a card you will play with. A computer will automatically turn it face up to reveal its suit;
  • The card you have chosen opens. If you have guessed its particular suit, you will get back your bet multiplied by x3.94. If one suit from a combination was correct, the winnings are paid out at odds of x1.97.
how to play Four Aces
Let’s play!

Best casino sites to play Four Aces

Now you know how to play Four Aces at online casinos. Let’s see which gambling sites offer this game to their users in 2021. So, where can you play Four Aces for real money?

First of all, you can play Four Aces at 22Bet Casino. The game is one of the most popular gamblers’ picks at the casino. It is easy to find in the 22Games section, fast to play as there is a guide that helps you to remember the rules. Finally, you can choose any stake you want to place at the outcome of the game.

Apart from 22Bet Casino, you can play Four Aces at 1xBet. This popular gambling site has recently introduced the game to its players. Finally, the card game of chance is available on Evoplay. As a developer, it has Four Aces on its official website.

You can discover more about 22Bet Casino here.

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