Bet on Apple Car Release Date in 2024


Posted: March 9, 2021

Updated: March 9, 2021

  • Sources close to Apple claim that the company is going to release its electric car in 2024
  • It is reported that the car will use a unique technology that will solve the problem of high prices for batteries
  • Meanwhile, you can already bet on Apple car release date

Sources close to Apple claim that the company is going to release its electric car in 2024. It is reported that the car will use a unique technology that will solve the problem of high prices for batteries, as well as increase the range without additional recharging. Meanwhile, you can already bet on Apple car release date. How can you do it? Find it out from our article.

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What do we know about this project?

First, they started talking about the Titan project within the framework of which Apple plans to develop and release an “apple” electric car on the road back in 2014. Then, for the first time, information appeared that the company had begun to design its car. According to Reuters, the company is now aiming to create a mass-market passenger vehicle by 2024. However, no one has officially confirmed this information. Nevertheless, other apple technologies are taking over the gambling market. Learn about new ways of your favorite hobby in online casinos in the USA from our article Gambling via Wrist: Check Apple Watch Slots to Play.

It is also known that Apple will focus on developing a new battery that could “radically” reduce the cost of batteries for electric cars and increase the battery life of the car. Indeed, Apple plans to use a unique “mono-cell” design that increases the volume of individual battery cells and frees up space. This means that more active material can be present inside the battery, allowing the vehicle to run longer on a single charge. The company also intends to use a lithium iron phosphate battery, which is less prone to overheating. Therefore, it will be safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries.

Bet on Apple car release date: What problems may occur on the way?

Indeed, building a car is not an easy task, even for an IT giant like Apple, experts say. First of all, the company may face problems in the supply chain. It is still unclear who will assemble the electric car. However, some sources expect the company to target those manufacturers with whom it already has partnerships. Additionally, there is a possibility that Apple will have to produce too many electric cars. To make a profit, car manufacturers often request large quantities, which can be a problem even for Cupertinians. “To have a viable assembly plant, you need to build 100,000 cars from there every year,” a source familiar with the situation told Reuters.

Trip Miller, the managing partner at Gullane Capital Partners, one of Apple’s investors, said it could be difficult for the Cupertino-based company to produce large volumes of cars. In his opinion, they should concentrate on creating progressive technologies for cars, and leave the production of electric cars themselves for specialized corporations. “It seems to me that if Apple develops some kind of advanced operating system or battery technology, it is best used in partnership with an existing manufacturer under license,” Miller said.

Bet on Apple Car Release Date
Welcome to the future

Should Apple start a new partnership?

There is a possibility that the “apple” giant will decide to release an autonomous driving system that can be implemented in a car manufactured by another company. Valery Emelyanov, an analyst at Freedom Finance, did not rule out that the essence of the project, as a result, will not be in the creation of its hardware, but in the Apple firmware for electric cars of other companies. Indeed, they will combine it into a common iOS ecosystem. Also, Apple may create a digital interior for the electric car that will be close to ideal. Fortunately, this is its profile. However, no one has yet succeeded in assembling their car entirely from components from other manufacturers, which would have been a hit on the market. 

Besides, they reported that Apple has decided to engage external partners to create elements of the system, including lidar sensors that help self-driving cars get a three-dimensional view of the world around them. After the news that the Apple company was going to produce its car using lidars, the shares of the two manufacturers of these sensors rose. Thus, Velodyne securities rose in price on Monday by almost 23% and Luminar – by more than 27%. Yet, they can only bet on Apple car release date. Meanwhile, you can spend your time in the Intertops Casino. It is the best way to wait!

Bet on Apple car release date: Production

It is unlikely that Apple will build its car manufacturing plant. “To create a viable enterprise, it is necessary to build a plant that will produce one hundred thousand vehicles a year, increasing this figure,” said one source. Therefore, Apple considered the possibility of going according to its usual scheme. We are talking about the production at the facilities of an already existing automaker. Indeed, the company does not manufacture iPhones and iPads, but only develops them.

Bet on Apple Car Release Date
Apple became part of every aspect of our lives

A possible partner could be the Canadian Magna International – one of the largest manufacturers of auto parts. The companies even discussed collaboration. However, these negotiations ended because Apple could not decide on plans for the future. Another reason why Apple may go into licensing for autopilot driving is the economy. For example, Tesla took 17 years to break out. This is a long and thorny path, and the success of the first iPhone is not to be repeated here. “Building a manufacturing network around the world doesn’t happen overnight,” says another source. Online gambling sites in the USA follow the development of Apple. Learn Seven Ways To Tell Apple Has Taken Over Your Local Casino.

More about the developments

The Titan project was first talked about in 2014. Then it was assumed that Apple intends to release the car by 2019. But, as we know, this did not happen. As a result, they revised the fate of Titan several times. The company seemed to have even frozen the project. However, in 2018, five years later, Doug Field returned to Apple. And if earlier he was engaged in different work, now he headed the Titan project. In 2019, he fired 190 people from the car development team. Later in 2019, it became known that Apple acquired a startup, which is developing an autopilot.

And since then, not a word has been heard about the Titan project. So you can only bet on Apple car release date. Of course, you can mention the windshield patent, but its presence in no way speaks of the fate of the project. As a result, many assumed that they closed the project. However, the company continues to develop it. And they even think about how best to deal with lidars: buy them on the side or engage in their development. Now Apple has another deadline for the Titan project – 2024. True, as clarified by Reuters, the current situation in the world could cause delays. Therefore, Apple’s plans will be shifted by a year or even more. And why you are waiting for a new car to appear, visit the Intertops Casino.

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