Gambling via Wrist: Check Apple Watch Slots to Play

  • There are already many slots available for playing via Apple Watch
  • How and where can you access them? Check the answer below
Apple Watch slots to play

As soon as the technology became more sophisticated, you got an opportunity to gamble from anywhere using any device. Leave your smartphones behind as today you can play favorite casino games via your wrist. For example, here are the best Apple Watch slots to play regardless of your location.

There are many modern technologies that are supposed to innovate online gambling soon. However, some of them are already here; like gambling via Apple Watch. Some online casinos developed special apps for smartwatch owners that allow them to play their favorite slots anytime and anywhere. We are going to tell you about the benefits of such advancement and give the list of games available for playing from your wrist.

Apple Watch slots to play
Would you play on your watch?

Why should you choose Apple Watch slots to play?

If you keep pace with tech updates, you should know about the pluses of using smartwatches and other wearable devices. If you stay skeptical though and prefer using old good laptops to gamble, here are some reasons why switching to Apple Watches makes sense.

  • The usage of wearable devices is more comfortable. Those gamblers who tried playing games from Apple Watch will hardly return to gambling from smartphones. Casino games kill batteries, which is not good as we still need phones for various goals. In addition, wrist devices can’t be lost or forgotten as they are always with you. You can gamble even while swimming on an inflatable ring somewhere in the sea, where taking a phone to is quite risky.
  • Many online casinos in the US will cross over to wearable devices in the future. Laptops and PCs are predicted to die out as personal devices and stay for work purposes only. Therefore, the number of gambling games available for them will reduce, and those that stay are unlikely to be updated. Don’t you want to play old-fashioned games in 2030?
  • Apple Watches serve as a backup for existing devices. Giving preference to laptops, pads, and smartphones is understandable, but what if they discharge simultaneously? To say honestly, no one usually carries all these devices at once, so what should you do in case of phone battery failure or losing a charger? Smartwatch is here to help you as you will always have it around your wrist.

Apple Watch slots to play in 2020

Apple Watch slots to play
Play on your watch now!

As soon as casino fans learn the benefits of gambling via wristwatches, they will ask what games are available right away. Nowadays, slots are the most accessible via Apple Watches, so here is the list of the best games.

777 Watch Slots

The 777 slot is very popular among gamblers. Casinos like Bovada have this slot available for playing online, but it can be found as an app too. To play 777 at your Apple Watch, you have to download it from the store and enjoy the game! 777 is probably the classiest slot ever, so it doesn’t even need to be introduced.

Twirlaloop Slots 

Twirlaloop is another classic game from the set of Apple Watch slots to play. You may remember Twirlaloop as an old-fashioned game from large street slot machines, but it was updated exclusively for wristwatch users. The graphics were improved, new animations were added, so now the slot looks like an old expensive car after renovation.

Slots Time!

Among all Apple Watch slots to play, Slots Time! stands out for many reasons. Firstly, it is the highest-rated game (4.3/5) available for wrist devices. Then, it is a classic slot that survived the most updates to not look outdated in 2020. Also, the game added plenty of mini-games and themed rooms worth trying for gamblers. Slots Time! is also available at Bovada Casino and you can experience the new version of the oldie right away.

You can discover more about Bovada Casino here.

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