How to Play the Lottery in Australia – What Is the Best Strategy to Win?

  • If you are lucky with numbers, you have great chances to win
  • You can play the Australian lottery from any part of the world
how to play the lottery in Australia

Have you ever wondered how to play the lottery in Australia? There are a lot of Australian lotteries with great odds that you can find across the internet. Maybe you can get lucky enough to hit the jackpot, who knows? 

Besides learning how to play the lottery, you also need to understand which lottery can be the best. Here, we cannot advise anything special since it depends solely on individual preferences. What we can suggest are Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Lotto games that have one of the best odds.

Industry of online lottery in Australia today gives you a lot of options – you just need to choose one. Besides the type of lottery, you also have to find reliable sites to gamble. You can find the best betting odds at King Billy Casino for various games and events and be sure about your security.

Here we will give you information on how to play the lottery in Australia and additional details you need to know.

how to play the lottery in Australia
It’s special.

How Do You Pick Numbers?

You can pick numbers with the voice of your intuition or the calculations in your head – do whatever is right for you!

All the more so, some lotto tickets are designed in a way to give you more odds to win. So, you can just analyze the history of draws and see the frequency of lucky numbers. But do not forget one thing – it is all individual. So, there is no best strategy on how to play the lottery in Australia!

There are a few other types of tickets that you might choose.

  1.   Standard. With Standard ticket, you make an entry with one only or several lines of numbers that you pick for every game. Each standard game gives you an opportunity to win one prize. More than that, you can pick your numbers or do it randomly.
  2.   Syndicate. With Syndicate ticket, you can share the entries and prizes with other gamblers. Together you can share the cost and, therefore, have more numbers. Surely, the chances to win increase this way. So, it is only you to decide if you want to share the prize with someone else.
  3.   System. System ticket gives you a chance to cover more numbers in a game than a standard entry. This ticket gives an entry with all the combinations of the numbers that you have picked. So, by having a wider span of combinations you also have more chances to win.
  4.   Super Combo. This ticket also allows you to make an entry with more number combinations than a standard one. However, it covers fewer possible combinations than System tickets. Moreover, all Super Combo types have unique designs that lead to unique patterns of combinations as well.

How to Play the Lottery in Australia? Match 6 Numbers With Monday Lotto and Win!

After you know the rules on how to play the lottery in Australia, you need to get acquainted with different lotto types.

Monday Lotto gives a guarantee minimum Division 1 prize pool of $1 million. Moreover, it guarantees up to four winners weekly. And if there are more than four winners of Division 1, the prize of $4 million will be divided equally between the victors.

So, how to play it? A game wants you to pick 6 numbers at 1-45 range. If you match these all numbers with the 6 numbers from the draw, you win. And to win at least the lowest Division, you need to match minimum 1 winning numbers with 2 supplementary numbers.

There is also Wednesday Lotto which follows the same rules as Monday Lotto.

Tuesday – Oz Lotto Guarantees Record $100 Million Jackpot!

Oz Lotto gives a guarantee for a minimum Division 1 prize of $2 million. The record jackpot it gives is $100 million! It is a popular nationwide type of lottery.

how to play the lottery in Australia
Let’s start winning!

Match 7 Numbers With 1 Powerball Number to Win Thursday Lotto

After you learn how to play the lottery in Australia, you definitely have to try Powerball out! It is a popular nationwide lottery. This type guarantees minimum prize for Division 1 of $3 million. Its record jackpot is $80 million!

At this game, you have to pick 7 numbers in the range of 1-35. Additionally, you have to choose 1 Powerball number at the range of 1-20. If you match all the 7 numbers and your Powerball number with the draw, you win.

For the lowest division winning, you need to match 2 winning numbers and the Powerball number.

Are You Ready for Saturday Lotto Superdraw Jackpots Worth $20 Million?!

Powerball number. Saturday Lotto has an estimated Division 1 prize pool of $4 million weekly. And it has SuperDraw jackpots of $20 million and even more!

As in the case of Monday Lotto, you have to pick 6 numbers in the range 1-45. Matching these 6 numbers to the draw numbers means you win. And to win the lowest division you need to match 1 or 2 winning numbers with 2 supplementary numbers.

How to Play the Lottery in Australia If You Are Not Australian?

Well, you do not need to be Australian to become part of online gambling sites in Australia. You do not even have to live in Australia for that. So, wherever you live, you can enjoy playing Australian Powerball, Oz Lotto, and other games. They are secure and fully guarantee the prize.

So, start checking online gambling promotions in Australia to find the best games to play and gamble!

You can discover more about King Billy Casino here.

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