How to Win on Live Bets: an Ultimate Guide

  • In-play bets are very popular among punters
  • How to wager and win on live bets? Read here
how to win on live bets

Live betting has become extremely popular during recent years. It is a relatively new kind of betting at online sportsbooks, but way more exciting than its fixed counterparts. Most sportsbooks offer to bet on sports in real-time nowadays, so it is time to learn how to win on live bets.

Live betting (or in-play betting) conquered the gambling industry as soon as it emerged. Wagering on sports events throughout their duration turned out to be way more interesting than making predictions in advance. Therefore, most online sportsbook sites started offering live bets for their visitors. If you haven’t ever tried betting on sports in real-time, here are some tips that will help you to understand how it works.

How does live betting work?

Understanding the basic principles of in-play betting is easy. In the lay terms, it is betting on the event after it has started. Unlike fixed betting, its live counterpart has its odds changing constantly during the game or match. Your task is to pick odds with the most winning chances and wager on it at 1xBet. If you hit the bull’s eye, you can win large sums of money. If not, the loss can be also quite disappointing. Before learning how to win on live bets, let’s see what pros and cons it has.

how to win on live bets
How does it work?

Pros of live betting

  • Live analysis. While betting on a real-time event, you can analyze what is going on in the game. It means you don’t blindly wager on Bayern to win because it is Bayern. You see how they show themselves in this match and make a decision.
  • Better odds. Let’s say, fixed odds on some Borussia vs Leipzig match are 1.10 on the team from Dortmund. In case of victory, it won’t bring you much profit, but live betting will. Live odds can change during the match, so the same team can be found with 2.10 odds after the half-time.
  • Wide betting opportunities. Live betting allows you to wager on sports events every time you want. There are 24/7 events in various kinds of sports as well as many sportsbooks offering the same live betting. It means that you can simultaneously bet on the same Bundesliga match at 3-4 online sportsbooks in Germany and get a higher profit. 
  • A higher level of excitement. Yes, the emotions you get from betting live also matter. When wagering online, you receive much more adrenalin than in case of using fixed odds.

Cons of live betting

  • The only big disadvantage of in-play betting is the time limitation. During the match, you have a very limited time to make a decision as the best odds won’t stay at the top all the time. Rushing can affect your winning chances, but if you can manage your nerves, you are not at risk at all.

Based on the above, you have to be very careful while placing a bet live and probably develop some strategies that can improve your winning chances. We have collected 3 basic tips on how to win on live bets that are essential to know for every beginner.

Time to learn how to win on live bets

There are 3 time-tested tips on how to win on live bets in football or any other sports. They will help you to wager wisely and to make a profit betting at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Read pre-match stats

Like fixed bets, in-play bets also require some preparations. Before joining any live sports event, read some predictions, previous statistics, and experts’ opinions. This will help you to understand what to expect from the game you want to bet on. For example, you want to bet on a particular player to score a goal. If the stats say that he scores most goals during the 1st halftime, you should be especially attentive in the first 45 minutes of the match. Surely, it cannot guarantee that he will not shoot another goal in the 2nd half too, but at least you will be oriented on what to pay attention to.

how to win on live bets
Do your homework.

Don’t bet too much

The very first rule of in-play betting is managing your bets. The most common mistake is wagering on several outcomes at once: e.g. a total score of the game, the most effective player, number of missed goals, etc. Don’t do it if you want to earn some money from your bets. Focus on one (maximum 2) in-play bets, watch them carefully, and wager at the rightest moment. If you will disperse attention on many outcomes, you risk missing a chance and losing all your bets.

Choose unpopular bets

Unpopular bets shouldn’t be underestimated if you want to make some money from a live match. Sometimes, it is better to wager on an underdog than on a favorite. The lowest bets aren’t always the winning ones as they become popular thanks to gamblers, who wager on them. However, if gamblers were always right, there would have been no sportsbook sites. They’d have been broken. So, try to pick less popular odds to bet on for this reason and one more.

Lower odds are usually available on teams with last successful performances. It means that few people expect this team to lose within a short period of time. However, nothing lasts forever and its winning run can finish every time. This is another reason to pay attention to odds on unpopular teams, as they can also bring you money.

To find live bets on the most popular sports events, visit online sportsbook sites in Germany.

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