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Gambling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has very strict gambling laws, prohibiting many forms of gambling outside their only casino, Casino 2000, as of February 2017. The ban extends back to 1903 when all gambling was forbidden. From that point until the mid 70s, the only form of legal gambling in Luxembourg was the state lottery. Then, in 1977, the state legalized casinos. Since then, only one casino license has been granted, to Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains.

The National Lottery, or Loterie Nationale, falls outside of these laws, however. It has been in operation since 1945, and profits go to aid various state and social institutions in healthcare and culture, as well as sports organizations.

Online Gambling in Luxembourg

As of February 2017, gambling laws in Luxembourg prohibit most forms of gambling and it is accepted that this also refers to online, despite no direct reference. However, the Loterie Nationale has an online version with a variety of instant-win games available.