Hutchison Beats Boeree and Wins The UKIPT Edinburgh Title

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Dean Hutchison overcame PokerStars pro Liv Boeree and won the UKIPT Edinburgh title and main prize of GBP 93,900.

The UK and Ireland Poker Tour took place in Edinburgh last week (15-20 January), holding the main event in a new venue and fully complying with the UK gambling laws. The 18th century building that hosted the event holds a lot of history, welcoming important guests and famous events in the past.

Hutchison won the main event which had a GBP 1,000 + GBP 100 buy-on. The final table offered a lot of action and intense emotions, starting with Boeree who managed to eliminate three amazing players just for half an hour.

All players offered classy moves and excitement for poker fans

Hutchison laid the foundations for his win with “Let the games begin!” shout, right when Boeree made her moves and eliminated Eldon Orr, followed by Jason Beazley.

The final battle between Hutchison and Boeree was epic and all attending poker pros and fans were lucky to follow the game live, as it was held there, and not in a UK online poker room.

Hutchison checked the 4d5s6c board and Boeree placed a bet of 125,000 which Hutchison check-raised to 325,000. The fall for Boeree started there when Hutchison made a call and was in good state holding 6s5d for top two pairs.

Then, there was a blank 8d, which gave Hutchison the title and allowed for the following final order:

1st, GBP 93,900 – Dean Hutchison
2nd, GBP 59,180 – Liv Boeree
3rd, GBP 42,430 – Jason Beazley
4th, GBP 33,700 – Eldon Orr
5th, GBP 26,430 – Tomasz Raniszewski
6th, GBP 20,710 – Jacobus Visser
7th, GBP 15,570 – Michael Kane
8th, GBP 11,060 – Ciaran Heaney

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