iGame Eye Test For The Win!

squares eye tests

iGame came up with another entertaining invention… which tests your eyes!

So, what is this test that has now reached a magnificent 2,000 shares per minute on Facebook?’s colorful Eye Test. This company, mostly known for coming up with awesome slots and video poker, table and casino games, has now launched something very different (but equally entertaining.)

If you’ve become a bit weary of online poker sites in the US, the Eye Test was made for you. With it, you can evaluate your color vision and compare it to the vision of animals, ranging from bats to hawks. Furthermore, those with a competitive personality will love comparing their own scores to friends’.

Choose the block that has a different color

The principle of the test is as simple as it is enjoyable: from a number of squares with the same color, you have to choose the one that stands out because it’s lighter. Now, this is easy as pie in the beginning, when there are only four or nine blocks. But once blocks start to multiply, you find it’s not all that obvious.

Similarly to mobile betting sites, the Eye Test is perfectly suitable to play on your smart phone, too. No wonder that it now has more than 20 million users. will also be coming out with a speed reaction test. The Eye Test is so great that we can’t wait to try that, too!

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