Illegal Casino in China Hidden in Factory Raided by Police

Police raided an illegal casino in China located in Jinshan District factory which at night transformed into a gambling sex communist paradise.

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According to online gambling news in China, the proletariat workers of Red Star Factory 11, which manufactures coolie hats worn by workers in Red Star Factory 12, have been disgraced in the eyes of the glorious leaders.

Last week police learned that by night, the entire factory transforms into a capitalist casino illegal under Chinese gambling laws.

The factory, located in the Jinshan District of the People’s Republic of China, was uncovered after the factory was denounced to the police by a gambler who according to the police also plays at foreign imperialist online casinos in China.

“He saw the error of his way and the guilt of disappointing our glorious leaders has nearly driven him insane. He ran here to inform on the casino. He felt the bony claws of capitalism choking him,” explained deputy police captain of propaganda.

No reported could dispute that the vile hands of capitalism were indeed bony after being shown the semi-conscious informant who not only had bruises around the neck from the bony hands but also a broken nose, missing teeth, a dislocated jaw, a cracked skull and two black eyes.

During the raid, the police arrested four men and discovered HK$2.3 million (US$295,341) in gambling money as well as another 100,000 yuan.

Four men have been detained for allegedly running the illegal gambling den in the factory. The gamblers usually gathered inside the factory at night with all the windows covered by cloth, police said.

“It is obviously the work of western imperialist agitators who lie awake at night dreaming of ways to sabotage China’s proud factory workers,” stated a leaflet distributed by a volunteer of a local communist youth group.

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