Illegal Super Bowl Betting Attempts – Just In Ontario


Posted: February 18, 2023

Updated: February 18, 2023

  • People trying to abuse Ontario law
  • 9000 Illegal betting attempts and 300 blocked
  • Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts

In this article, we are going to discuss the 9000 Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts made in Ontario to bet on the Super Bowl. This is an insane amount of betting attempts. However, this doesn’t leave any elements of surprise. Because the Super Bowl has always been the main dish at the table of online sportsbook sites in Ontario. Therefore, this is a report about the full statistics. 

Because spoofing is still not appreciated by the government, even if they can’t do too much about it. However, they did hire companies to fight spoofers from abusing the law. On the other hand, we will discuss the concern of the citizens about the outdated sports betting law that restricts their freedom.

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9000 Illegal Super Bowl Betting Attempts

Going straight to the point, Ontario has strange sportsbook laws when it comes to retail sports betting. Therefore, the law allows only one-time sports betting on an event. Which is a rather interesting take by the Government. Because they seek to limit the number of bets people can make. However, they do not wish to block the citizens from winning money and betting on the biggest event.

Because the 9000 Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts were made to predict who won the Super Bowl LVII. However, the Ontario gambling market is still in baby shoes. Furthermore, operators did not like the one-time only rule. Because it could bring greater profit for the company if they just went lighter on the law. Therefore, they have resorted to attempting to gamble illegally. Some of them tried to over-gamble, some have tried to mask their identity, and some even tried to contact unlicensed sites. For a legal site please register at 1xBet Sportsbook.

People Tried To Mask Their Identity

According to the CDC Gaming people have attempted to access operators outside of Ontario. Therefore, they have tried to place several illegal bets.

Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts
Picture Source: Pexels

However, this is 2023 so when we speak about illegal bets, it is not just them trying to simply register and purchase a betting slip. Therefore, they have used meta masks and VPNs to mask their identities. However, the government is a few steps ahead and they already work together with anti-VPN companies to filter out illegal attempts. Furthermore, United States citizens tried to go around the rule.

Because the minimum age limit for sportsbook betting in the US is 21. However, Ontario allows people to bet from the age of 18. Therefore, US citizens tried to go to Ontario so they could bet on the Super Bowl. This is still among the Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts.

BILL C-290 And Illegal Super Bowl Betting Attempts

This is not the first time when people resort to illegal gambling. According to Canadian Gaming, the illegal betting cash in Canada has exceeded $150 million. Therefore, shops were upset that citizens were not able to bet on the event legally. This is why the government has created Bill C-290. This is allowing a one-time bet on a sporting event so the citizen may be able to win cash on the biggest events of the world.

Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts
Picture Source: Pexels

However, if you think about it, this is still not too satisfying. Because there are more sports, and many people would like to bet on both the Super Bowl and the League of Legends World Championship results. However, the government restricts the quantity with good intentions. If you are interested then please check out our other article where we have the Quebec gambling laws explained.

300 Blocked Attempts By GeoComply

Now that you understand what happened, let’s talk about GeoComply. Because they have blocked over 300 Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts. GeoComply is a company that seeks to establish VPN detection to avoid illegal acts. Therefore, we all love VPN because it gives you the freedom you deserve. Because the government shouldn’t mask all content on the internet. However, there are contacts the government rightfully masks from the citizen.

For example, gambling and adult content is not a debate of an individual, but a debate of the area. Especially when it comes to services that allow payments for an individual. Because it is a rightful concern that people want to use these for money laundering. In conclusion GeoComply is helping the government. Because their main job is to detect unjust VPN transactions.

Marketing Research – Illegal Super Bowl Betting Attempts

It is a rightful concern to raise that 9000 individual illegal gambling attempts are a problem. However, it might be far away from reality. Because once again, we are talking about the Super Bowl right there.

Illegal Super Bowl betting attempts
Picture Source: WallPaper Flare

It’s the same Super Bowl that has made New York break an online sports betting record in the last year, just a month after it became legal. Nonetheless, the Government of Ontario doesn’t want to leave this up for a meaningless debate.

According to City News Toronto, they have started research to see into the exact details of the phenomenon. Maybe, they are going to make exclusive laws for the Super Bowl next year. Because people are not going to stop trying to bet on the biggest sporting event of all time.

Safe And Trustworthy Online Sports Betting

In conclusion, there were over 9000 illegal Super Bowl betting attempts made in Ontario this year. A significant amount was blocked by the partner company of the Government that seeks to block VPN and Proxy attempts. However, most people have still gotten away with it. Furthermore, United States people who aren’t old enough to gamble in the US. Have tried to cross the border to Canada so they can legally place bets due to the 18 years old age limit on betting.

If you are interested in a trustworthy, legal, and safe sports betting site. Then we highly recommend you register at 1xBet Sportsbook. Because they are going to give you the best offers on the Super Bowl each year. Furthermore, they are one of the world’s leading sports betting companies.

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