Ontario Gambling Market – Government Monopoly Is Over


Posted: April 8, 2022

Updated: April 8, 2022

  • Online gambling is now legal in Ontario
  • Everything about the new Ontario iGaming Market
  • Online Ontario gambling market opened

The online Ontario gambling market has opened as of April 4, 2022. This is a new page in Canada and Ontario’s history. Therefore, by the time you are reading this article, most of the online gambling sites in Ontario have already received their legal license. Because after a cease of activity, the online Ontario gambling market is finally opening its doors again. Therefore, these gambling websites are now legally accessible online, and citizens can play without the risk of penalties. iGaming businesses may legally begin to operate online, offering their services to the citizens of Ontario. We are going to explain everything about the new Ontario gambling market.

The Legal Ontario Gambling Market

According to IGB, the new Ontario gambling market took three years of hard work for the provincial government to reach this day. Because three years ago they revealed their plans of ending the state lottery’s online gambling monopoly in 2019. Therefore, in 2020 they began the efforts to work on the legislative bills. Today, online gaming businesses may register a regime license to have an online presence in Ontario’s gambling industry. Last September, they released their issue stating the standards for online gambling. It involved things such as banning any wheels with a spinning speed under 2.5 seconds. They also banned autoplay. The iGaming Ontario will begin to filter out illegal operators with the assistance of government law enforcement.

Ontario Gambling Market Launched

The official regulatory body for the new Ontario gambling market is called iGaming Ontario. They are the subsidiary agency of AGCO, which is in charge of the national alcohol and gambling regulative motions. They have already handled licenses for the most prestigious markets.

Ontario Gambling Market
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The most famous online casinos in Ontario and online sportsbooks in Ontario are already operating legally. While the lesser-known titles are still waiting for the approval of their license. Previously, the government has warned all operators to cease activity. Otherwise, they would be denied. This was likely needed so they can begin the proper and safe regulation of suppliers. 

Ontario Gambling Market Online

According to CTV News Toronto, it took less than moments after the 12:00-am official Ontario gambling market opening to become legally active. Because the legal sportsbook bet had been placed the minute it became legally available. Just 50 seconds after the Ontario gambling market opened, they had already placed the first high stake wager. Because the first wager was a two-part $500 bet. One half is on North Carolina over Kansas in the NCAA men’s basketball final. The other was a Toronto Maple Leafs over the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you wish to receive some of the best betting tips, then check out our How to bet on politics like a pro betting guide. You can find online betting guides for all existing betting categories on our website.

Legal Gambling Markets

According to Global News, the Ontario gambling market could grow up to around $28 million placed in bets. This is extremely good news for the government and the citizens of Ontario. Because the tax returns from these online gambling markets will all contribute to the betterment of life quality within the province.

Ontario Gambling Market
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There are a handful of online gambling activities becoming legal in the state. Because it isn’t only online casinos and sportsbooks that are going to open doors for iGaming agencies. Therefore, you will be able to participate in the following online gambling activities from now on. These are independent operators. Therefore gamblers will be able to participate in these activities as long as the foreign gambling operator has a legal license. 

  • Sportsbook betting online
  • Online casino games
  • Online Poker
  • Horse betting online
  • Online lottery

Available iGaming Operators In Ontario

To help you understand the new legal websites you can access from Ontario legally. We are going to present to you the best available online sites that received licenses on the day of the opening. Therefore, this list might meet a huge expansion in the upcoming months and years.

Ontario Gambling Market
Picture Source: Pxfuel

Because we are only listing the operators who have received a license already, therefore you can start playing on their websites the minute you click on their names. If you are confused about the difference between the items, then check out our Casino types for dummies guide. It will help you understand the difference between the casino types. The legal websites are the following:

  • 888 – Casino, Slots, Live Casino
  • Bet365 – Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Bingo, Horse Betting
  • Unibet – Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Bingo, Poker
  • Royal Panda – Casino, Sportsbook, Poker, Live Casino

Additionally, it is important to mention that Bet99 Sportsbook might become legal any day now, but according to the news, they have not received their legal license just yet. But being one of the most prestigious sportsbook sites in Canada, they will likely receive a license any day now.

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Best Online Gambling In Ontario

If you are new to the world of online gambling. Then this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up if you are from Ontario. If you are interested in the technology behind the operators in the Ontario gambling market, then check out our technology articles explaining things such as the Digital ID in online casinos. If you are looking for the best starting experience in the Ontario gambling market, then we are recommending 888casino. Because they are one of the best online casinos out there among those who received an early license. Will you try any of these websites out?

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