Casino Types for Dummies


Posted: April 1, 2022

Updated: April 1, 2022

  • Casino resorts are the most traditional types of casinos
  • You can also gamble on the river, an Indian reservation or at a a racetrack
  • Online casinos offer all kinds of games with easy accessibility

If you’re new to gambling, you might think that all casinos are the same. A shiny place with lots of slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables, and some VIP rooms. Well, it’s true about some of the biggest casino resorts but other versions also exist. Like slots only, riverboat and online casinos with their special features and gambling options. Just read below our casino types for dummies summary to learn more about them. 

We all have a picture in our mind of a typical casino even if we haven’t visited any yet. All thanks to films and music videos that often use them as their scenes. But you might not be aware that there are different versions of these gambling places. Depending on the area they are located in, which can be an Indian reservation, a boat, or a huge Las Vegas resort. Slots, table games, and bars are necessary elements of all casinos but additional extras can vary. Just like the amount you can win in them. So if you don’t want to waste your time and money, find the best for you after reading our summary. 

1. Casino Resorts

The most common and widely known versions of casinos are the casino resorts where gamblers can find everything. From the glamorous interior to dozens of different tables with perfectly dressed croupiers. Even though the very first casino was built in Venice, casinos became world-famous following the openings of the huge Las Vegas resorts.

casino types for dummies
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

From the Mirage to the Bellagio, surely most of us have already heard the names of these iconic places. And probably the luckiest ones even had the chance of visiting them and trying out their wide array of gambling games. Besides gambling, these resorts also offer other entertainment from shopping malls to live shows. Making them one of the most popular holiday destinations. But you can play on a slot machine in many other places as you can see next in our casino types for dummies. 

2. Riverboat Casinos

Yes. you can find a casino even on the water these days thanks to riverboat casinos. Once these boats might have served as a way of transportation but now they offer different dining and gambling options. Most of them are in the US in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The first riverboat casino started to operate in 1904 but in 1951 it became illegal. Until 1991 when riverboat casinos have become legal again in the above-mentioned states.

casino types for dummies
picture Source: PxFuel

While the passengers of these boats usually played poker and other card games in the 20th century, now you can also find slot machines in them. Riverboat casinos are perfect if you’d like to visit a part of history and play some games. But if you’re looking for more advanced games and bigger prizes, just visit one of the online casinos in the US

3. Indian Casinos

Indian casinos are special types of casinos that you can only find in the US, located on Indian reservations. Since the Indian Regulatory Gaming Act 1988, tribes can generate revenue through gambling. The revenue from gambling has contributed to the economy of these areas ever since and often serves as the main income for these tribes.  Employees are often selected from the tribe that controls the casinos. Today there are 524 gaming operations owned by 245 tribes.

casino types for dummies
Picture Source: Flickr

The Indian casinos can vary in size from small truck shops to huge resorts. State laws apply to these casinos as well, but there can be special arrangements between the regulators and the tribes. If you’d like to visit one, it’s worth checking if a casino offers Class II (games of chance like bingo, non-banked card games) or Class III games (casino-style games like slots, video poker, table games). And be careful not to cheat or break any law as the punishment can be more strict at these premises.  

4. Racinos

The combination of a racetrack and a casino is called a racino where you can enjoy all kinds of gambling activities. The reason for their establishment was the decline of horse racing and dog racing. Searching for new ways to attract people, tracks started to have slot machines. From their revenue of them, they managed to attract better horses and host some of the best races. While these days more and more tracks also offer real casinos with table games.

Racinos are most common in the US but there are some in the UK, Ireland, and Australia too. Some of the most popular ones are Mountaineer Park in West Virginia and Delaware Park 30 miles from Philadelphia. Racinos are perfect solutions if you’d like to try out betting and gambling at the same time. Though you can also do them on online gambling sites in the US from the comfort of your home. 

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5. Cardrooms

If you’re not fussed about slot machines, and just want to play different card games, you need to visit a  cardroom. They are not the same as poker rooms that you can find in a separate rooms of normal casinos. Cardrooms don’t offer slot machines, video poker, craps, or roulette, only just card games. Like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, and Seven-Card Stu. Along with some special Asian games like pai gow or Chinese poker. In these places, you don’t play against the house, only against other players. It also means though that there is a fee that you have to pay for the venue while in other cases a rake is collected from each pot by the dealer. There are more than 400 cardrooms in the US, most of them in the state of Montana. But you can also find so-called cardrooms on online poker sites too. 

+ Online casinos

We can’t miss from our list of casino types for dummies the most popular and accessible casino types nowadays, online casinos.  Their main advantage is that you can visit them wherever and whenever you want.  They can offer all kinds of games from slots to poker, bingo to blackjack classic games to the latest ones. Online casinos have a game for all kinds of gamblers from beginners to more advanced players. The list of these sites is endless with new online casinos opening every day. But always check if these sites are legal and if they are safe to use them. You can find more tips to find the best site for you in our article here.

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