In-Play Betting in Australia Offered by Unibet Sportsbook

In-Play Betting in Australia Offered by Unibet Sportsbook online and mobile betting application Australian gambling laws

Unibet Sportsbook will join Australian internet betting sites offering In-Play betting in Australia.

In-Play betting in Australia is a tricky one. Current Australian gambling laws restrict in-play betting to land-based operators or to bets made through phone calls. However, several Australian internet betting sites work around the regulations by using an online betting system that confirms the placing of the wager with an automated phone call.

The review of the current gambling laws is expected in the near future, but it’s unknown yet if the government will completely allow In-Play betting in Australia or prohibit any such action. So the future of this kind of wagering is uncertain, but top online sportsbooks in Australia have this feature currently.

Unibet Sportsbook to offer In-Play betting in Australia via desktop and mobile app

Unibet Sportsbook will offer its In-Play Betting in Australia service through a desktop application for computers using Chrome or Firefox browsers. The Unibet Sportsbook mobile betting application will expectedly offer In-Play betting in Australia soon too.

To learn more about the online gambling operators, read the Unibet Sportsbook review in our online betting guide! Go to Unibet Sportsbook and open an account in order to be able to participate In-Play betting in Australia as soon as the service starts!

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