Increased odds on UFC – The Top 3 UFC 283 Fights


Posted: January 19, 2023

Updated: January 19, 2023

  • Bet on the Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill match
  • Online betting guide for the UFC 283
  • Increased odds on UFC 283

In this article, we are going to talk about the increased odds on UFC. Therefore, if you would like to bet on UFC 283. Then you shouldn’t miss out on one of the best deals. UFC is one of the main categories among online gambling sites in the US. However, it is one of the best deals ever. Therefore, if you are interested in MMA then do not miss out on this one. Because this is probably one of the most valuable bets for the MMAJunkies.

However, keep in mind that you are still taking a risk. Therefore, the increased odds are not always winning. However, if you are trusting these three fighters, then you are going to see a profit on this bet. Because these fighters did not start their careers today. And they are all as professional as fighters can get.

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Increased Odds On UFC

Keep in mind that the increased odds on UFC are very great. Therefore, this is not another case of betting on the UFC heralding the end of the world. Instead, we are going to have top-quality betting at VAVE Sportsbook. We would like to highlight that this operator is probably going to give you even more increased odds once they see it being profitable. These can still happen. However, they all have their pros and cons.

For example, these fighters are all experienced, with over a 95% win ratio. Therefore, we have people such as Gilbert Burns (20-5) fighting Neil Magny (27-10). Your odds of winning this bet are not impossible. Furthermore, you are going to receive an elevated reward if you win. Therefore, we highly recommend you wager on this one.

The Available Odd Combining Three Matches

The reason why we dedicated a whole article to these odds, is because it is a combined prop. Therefore, the prop debates whether Gilbert Burns, Faiveson Figueiredo, and Glover Texeira will win their matches. Therefore, the odds for them to win are highly likely. However, the bookies are not placing small odds over their names.

Therefore, you can take a different type of risk by placing a wager. They are all fighters with an advantage. However, it takes only one of them to feel out of it for you to lose the bet. Yet, they are all more experienced than their opponents. Losing this bet would be one of the 5 biggest upsets in UFC history. The increased odds on UFC 283 are the following;

  • Gilbert Burns, Deiveson Figueiredo, and Glover Teixeira win their matches – 5.50

Gilbert Burns vs Neil Magny – The Increased Odds On UFC 283

It’s time for us to discuss the matches. So for starters, we have Gilbert Burns and Neil Magny to put into comparison. According to MMA Mania, both of them are welterweight fighters. Therefore, there is no more room left for two kings. However, Gilbert Burns has a much better record than Neil Magny. And this is why we recommend these odds for you. Because the first match involved in this bet is already an easy pick.

If you take a look at both of the boxers, it is obvious that they are both strong. However, Gilbert Burns has much more muscle mass than Neil Magny. Therefore, Magny is forced to rely on jabs. However, taking hits from Burns is going to be harder than one might imagine. In conclusion, Magny has barely any chance to win this fight. Therefore, you should bet on Gilbert Burns to win even on different props. Because there are more events than just the increased odds on UFC.

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Daiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno

According to MMA Junkie, Brandon Moreno is already concerned with Daiveson Figueredo making weight. Therefore, we can already see the signs of worry in Moreno’s posture. This is going to greatly translate to insecurities in the ring. Therefore, it is not only about physical disadvantages. After such statements, Moreno will have to discipline his mind to be able to stay focused on the fight. However, he was not wrong. 

Because Figuerido’s weight is truly unpredictable. Yet, by statistics, he falls perfectly in league with Brandon Moreno. We all know that Moreno is a strong man full of stamina. However, Figueiredo will have this fight in the bag for this year. Therefore, the fight records speak for themselves. Deiveson has 1 more win, 4 fewer losses, and 1 less draw. This is why he is on the increased odds in UFC 283.

Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill

Finally, we have reached the main reason why they created the increased odds on UFC in 2023. According to Verdict MMA, Glover Teixeira is one of the oldest fighters in the ring. Therefore, we are going to see a veteran facing off against Jamahal Hill who is relatively much younger. However, there is a key difference between these two fighters. Glover Teixeira is an experienced man who is one of the oldest and most successful UFC fighters.

However, Jamahal Hill is a younger fighter who has an excellent record so far. Therefore, this is either going to lengthen Taixeira’s run or elevate Jamahal to the next step in his career. Both of these men are in perfect condition for their weight class. However, we can only hope that Teixeira is still not old enough to win this one.

The Increased Odds On UFC 283

Let’s close the topic by giving you a quick betting guide for the increased odds on UFC 283 in 2023. Therefore, if you are interested in placing a bet, then do not hesitate. Because the matches will begin soon. Register at VAVE Sportsbook and make sure to place your bets. However, if you do not believe in the odds, that’s okay. All you need to do is to navigate to the sports section and then find the “UFC” category on the left bar. You will see the odds right away.

Because you can always bet on the fighters you think are going to win. However, they are only available one by one. Furthermore, you can also find alternative props on match length, scores, and other alternative events during the match. And if you are interested in more topics about the UFC, then please check out the best UFC knockouts ever

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