Increasing Number of Suspicious Tennis Matches – Threats to Tennis Betting?

Tennis Integrity Unit Corrupt Betting

Can we still bet on tennis, or has it been completely overshadowed by fraud and cheat? There has been way too many suspicious tennis matches in 2016.

Suspicious tennis matches could cause a huge shock to online sportsbooks, and last year didn’t fail to prove us that it was a bad year in most aspects. Yes, it was a bad year when it comes to tennis betting cheat as well. I’m not saying that tennis betting is completely overtaken by cheaters, but we must be really careful when betting on lower leagues!

In 2015, there have been 246 reports of suspicious tennis matches at the anti-corruption body, Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU). That’s a lot of suspicious tennis matches and it says a lot about the popularity of corrupt betting. However, 2016 was even worse: TIU reported a total of 292 suspicious tennis matches.

Should we still bet on tennis?

Of course we should! The best online sportsbooks in the US are still available and offer awesome tennis betting odds. Despite the fact that the vast majority of these cases have happened in low-level tennis betting, we must be aware of the fact that 8 cases of suspicious tennis matches have been reported at prestigious tournaments such as the ATP Tour the WTP Tour as well as the Grand Slam.

The Chairman of the Tennis Integrity Unit, Philip Brook, has explained how we should interpret these numbers. He says that there is no direct link between corrupt betting and suspicious tennis matches. However, one can lead to the other and the Unit will do everything in its power to put an end to this. They will examine every single one of the cases and will make a decision afterwards.

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