Indian Crackdown on Gambling Continues

Gambling pig farmer loses it all at a poker tournament in India.

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The Indian people can legally play state lottery. When it comes to other forms of gambling, these are strictly prohibited unless you visit the state of Goa.

Yet, people there, as anywhere else, like to gamble and will continue to do so whether the government likes it or not. Even with the Indian gambling laws punishing those who bet.

The policy of the government is to continue to bust underground casinos and sports betting establishments rather than regulate these to have orderly participation with player protection, and revenues from gambling taxation.

Latest rumors suggest that in a recent police action, one of the Indian poker rooms which has been exposed by a pig farmer who lost his farm animals on a high stakes bet, has been busted, players arrested, and cash confiscated. The owner, who is also a loan shark, has been caught after jumping from the second floor and breaking both of his legs.

Still, the pigs weren’t returned. Rather the state confiscated them as a deterrent for those seeking to utilize their property for illegal gambling bets. This, indeed, has triggered the farmer to rob one of the underground sports betting shops during the cricket championships.

In order to avoid tough prison sentence, the gambling farmer turned robber, decided to cooperate with the law enforcement officials.

Given the pig farmer’s long gambling history, the investigators were able to arrest another illegal casino operator in India, a Bangalore couple specializing in running unregulated mobile casinos in India. To avoid mass homicide, the farmer and his extended family are rumored to have been moved to an undisclosed location.

This only adds to the argument that legalization of gambling may lead to more benefits to the society than evils, as people will always gamble.

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