The Black Friday Trial Takes Yet Another Bizarre Twist

Black Friday trial could draw to quick conclusion after one defendant pleads guilty

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The Black Friday online gambling trial has taken yet another turn after one of the defendants has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor.

An additional extension prior to the trial had originally been given following the previous extension’s expiration this month, meaning the trial would commence in May, however the sudden change of plea by John Campos might change that.

Black Friday took place when three online poker sites were found to be operating illegal gambling sites in direct violation of the federal wire act, which in itself has recently been the subject of a change to American gambling laws in recent months.

Under the law all online gambling enterprises were considered to be illegal and outlawed, though recently, the US Justice Department has deemed only online sports betting illegal in the United States.

United States gambling news reports that the last defendant scheduled for trial, Mr. Campos, a former Utah bank executive has decided to plead guilty to bank charges that are rumored to include money laundering.

His defense lawyer, Fredrick Hafetz has called the guilty plea an “excellent resolution” after his fellow co-defendant – who was also scheduled to appear before court alongside him – pleaded guilty to misdemeanor on Monday, one day prior to John Campos own admission of guilt.

The trial has caused quite a stir in the country following the changes to the federal wire act, and each state deciding their own laws regarding gambling. It is entirely possible that before the end of the year there will be several states running online poker sites in United States legally, a situation which had the accused been participating in then, would have been far less severe.

Mr. Campos was accused of processing money for Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, three of the websites shut down by the US during the Black Friday event.

With both defendants pleaded guilty to the charge it is unlikely that the case against them will continue, however the situation regarding the three sites and their respective owners is far from over.

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