Indiana Police Say Bars Promoted Illegal Betting on Super Bowl

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Four bars and clubs in the state of Indiana were cited by the local police for promoting illegal betting.

Many would agree that Super Bowl Sunday is the best day to bet on sports in America. Though the major event might have brought a lot of customers to sports bars across the country, several establishments in Indiana are now in some serious trouble, as local police are accusing them of promoting illegal betting.

The Bridges Scoreboard restaurant and sports bar in Griffith, the Moose Lodge in Attica, Gary Sportsman Club in Crowne Point and Kenwood Tap in Hammond – all located in the state of Indiana – were cited for public nuisance.

$93,000 earned through illegal sports betting

The Indiana State Excise Police decided to take action against the establishments, claiming that they have broken American gambling laws by getting involved in unlawful gambling. Sports betting is illegal in the state of Indiana and local authorities have come down hard on anyone suspected of engaging in it.

Police officers have confiscated over $93,000 from the four bars, claiming that the money was earned through betting on Super Bowl. The first citation was sent out on January 23, when the authorities seized $27,500 from the Gary Sportsman Club.

Owners of the establishments might also face criminal charges related to gambling and corrupt business influence.

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