Indiana Seeking to Enter Online Lottery Market

State lottery ticket agents in fear of losing most of their business as American states seek to offer the state lottery tickets via Internet.

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The Indiana state legislators are looking into modern ways to benefit from lottery revenues. The state, after seeing its neighbors going online with trials when it come to the state-run lotteries, is seeking to do the same.

After the Department of Justice has revised some rulings under the Wire Act, the American gambling laws puzzle many lawyers and legislators at state and federal levels.

Although America is a single country, the gambling regulations in each state seem as these were vastly different nations, some in love of gambling (such as Nevada and New Jersey), while others waging a war on it. Yet, lottery is a lottery, and as a state monopoly, it brings very substantial revenues.

The legislators now worry that, as it has happened with internet betting in United States where bettors ran away to offshore sites, the same may happen to the lottery revenues. To counter this, Illinois is considering running a pilot program to see how online versions work out.

Before anything goes on the Internet, however, the ticket agents will need to be consulted to see how this will affect their business. We bet they won’t like that and their sales are very likely to decline just as those of land-based casinos losing business to such modern miracles as mobile casino gambling sites.

The investigation will also analyze players to see how they like the Internet lottery and to see if anything additional can be done to cater to their tastes. Furthermore, studies will be performed to see if additional betting opportunities the Internet gives will not expand gambling problems. Overall, online lotteries are becoming increasingly likely in multiple American states.

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