The Indians & Daredevils Meeting Make For A Tricky IPL Bet

IPL bet

Placing an IPL bet is typically a simple affair however as both teams that have yet to score a win in the star-studded Twenty20 meet in the Wankhede Stadium it’s quite tough a call. Conventional wisdom would have the Mumbai Indians slightly ahead, but the odds don’t really reflect gamblers at say a casino in India betting on the match have that much confidence that it’ll pan out that way. The odds would be a whole lot shorter if they were. So should you back the Daredevils? We take a look.

The Odds For Your IPL Bet

  • Saturday 14th April
  • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
  • Mumbai Indians – 8/13
  • Delhi Daredevils – 13/10

The Sunrisers Hyderabad made heavy weather of beating the Mumbai Indians in front of their home fans, just squeaking to victory by a single wicket, but whilst they now sit atop the table on NRR difference at the other end of the scale their vanquished foes now languish near the bottom only barely ahead of their upcoming opponents, the Delhi Daredevils, who in of themselves have impressed no one in a poker room in India placing an IPL bet by also losing both their opening games, albeit unluckily.

Is Kolkata vs Chennai A Better IPL Bet This Weekend?

The rain rather than Rajasthan Royals set them a target of 71 from 6 overs, a total they ended up 10 shy of come the end, and whilst losing by the DLS method is ghastly so is only scoring 10 an over. This is why anyone wishing to do a spot of online gambling in India will find the Indians at 8/13 only a tad better than the 5/4 on the Daredevils, and that IPL bet you’re placing is (at best) a toss up, so perhaps taking advantage of Indian gambling laws to might be better done on Saturday’s other IPL game.

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