Interested in Spanish Football? Bet on Copa Del Rey 2018 Champions!

Bet on Copa Del Rey 2018 champions

Aside from La Liga, the Spanish Copa Del Rey is a prestigious trophy which all Spanish clubs take pride in competing in. To make a well-presented bet on Copa Del Rey 2018 champions, we will take a look at the top candidates in contention for the ear-shaped cup.

The history that turns into receiving a medal for the tournament is no joke to any player aware of the Spanish tradition of this major cup. With the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, both teams are closing in on a new milestone should they be successful.

19 vs 29: Will it be Real Madrid or Barcelona?

With a total of 19 successful campaigns, Real Madrid is hoping to clinch the trophy this season from Barcelona, in a repeat of the 2013/14 season’s final. Since then, Madrid has not featured in a final leaving top team Barcelona stealing the last 3 successive Copa Del Rey titles. Could we see another Ronaldo-Messi rivalry in the final this year? As both teams aim to reach a new figure for the cup, its highly possible.

Messi vs Ronaldo

Aside from the league, in which Messi is dominating, Ronaldo has a knack for scoring in cup competitions. Ronaldo has a stunning 22 goals in 30 appearances of the cup compared to Messi’s 44 in 62 games. Online sportsbook news in Spain is hoping for an El Classico final, as the history of that particular match-up is when the world gets to watch the best players battle it out. Should the two top teams in Spain meet, TV’s from all across Europe will tune into the final to be played at the end of May.

Who to Bet On Copa Del Rey 2018 Champions?

The two favorites are both enjoying their road to the final so far, which features both home and away legs. Sharing the betting odds 8/5, Intertop Sportsbook cannot find a bigger favorite for the prize.

As 23 time winners Atheltico Bilbao had a surprise exit from the tournament, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Seville are the next top teams who could come out on top. The Copa Del Rey 2018 betting odds for the following clubs are as follows:

Under the bus we go

As mentioned earlier, the Copa Del Rey is a trophy holding great pride nationally. Online Sportsbook sites in Spain may hope to see Barcelona overcome the 8/5 betting odds just to avoid a possible situation of Sergio Ramos to get his hand on the cup. In the 2011 final, Real Madrid won the trophy against nemesis Barcelona in extra-time, only for the Spanish defender to drop the cup under the champions bus. If you would like to see history repeat itself, don’t be shy to check out the online sportsbook site to bet on Copa Del Rey 2018 champions.

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