Introduction to Online Casinos in Canada


Posted: May 6, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Canadian online casinos offer something more than the other casinos in the region, as much of the hassle can be avoided, while guaranteeing a great time.

Gambling activities were not always supported in Canada, as until the 1960s the government practiced an anti-gambling policy. However in recent times, gambling has become quite popular in the country, with many online providers vying to join the lucrative market.

Nowadays, each individual province can dictate on its own gambling laws, which eventually lead to a great number of lotteries and casinos opening up for the Canadian players.

Online gambling players have the liberty to bet, play or participate in an array of gambling activities on the internet. Furthermore, they are often encouraged to join online sites, with special offer on hand to players.

Canadian gambling laws

Online gambling is wholly permitted by Canadian gambling laws. The country’s internet gambling regulatory bodies ensure that the players have fun playing, all while maintaining a great deal of protection of any wrongdoing against them.

• Online gambling in Canada is easy and fun

• Bodog among the most popular in Canada

• Making deposits to gaming accounts pose no problems

Canada adheres to its laws with great efforts, so players can be assured to know that no individual has ever been charged with any wrongdoing in regards to online gambling.

Each respective Canadian province reserves the right to handle and regulate the online gaming sites. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission maintains gaming operations within Canada, although they are administered through their own regulating body.

Sports betting is a popular pastime in Canada, so parlay bets of three or more matches only are allowed by the law. Nevertheless, currently talks are ongoing about permitting bets on single sport events.

The really good part about gambling on the internet in Canada is that a player is not taxed on his winnings. In the event that winnings are obtained through a business-related transaction, one might be obliged to pay a certain tax duty.

If one is a professional gambler, like a pro poker player, then he might be susceptible to pay taxes. However, other than that there are no taxes leveraged on winnings.

Popular online destinations

Considering the nation’s vast population, there are a great number of online casinos that are ready to accommodate the big demand of online players.

One highly popular destination is the world famous Bodog, which many Canadians prefer for certain reasons. Bodog was founded by Calvin Ayre, who is coincidentally a native of the land, and his company promises to deliver the utmost gambling experience to players.

UK online casinos are viewed in the industry as the standard model for gaming. Canadians online gaming providers try to use them as benchmarks to build on their success.

William Hill is another prominent name that Canadians go to, in order to enjoy a good playing time. Although deemed very good by casino enthusiasts, it lacks some user friendly pages online. William Hill is also one of the only websites that accepts cash deposits from the US.

While mobile casino Royal Vegas ranks high up on the list, as some consider it superior to William Hill for the great services and range of games on offer.

Spin Palace is another internet site that deserves a mention. Many online gamblers would place Spin Palace right next to Royal Vegas. This has to do with the assured professionalism that the company practices when dealing with customers, in addition to having a great gaming section.

Depositing funds in Canada

Unlike the US, where depositing cash is a difficult and complex task, Canadian players can easily make payments to their respective accounts when they want to play. Any online gambling sites in Canada will process one’s funds with the utmost professionalism, practicing a fast and reliable service.

At times, certain casinos will entice potential customers to play at their online casinos with special offers. Some firms may offer bonuses for players making their first deposits to the particular casinos.

Other companies may even be so generous and continue to offer percentages several times, when one makes deposits to his account. For instance, some gaming providers will offer 100% on a players’ initial deposit, 50% on the second and 25% on the third. This may go on for several times, making the deposit bonus a great way to earn additional gaming money.

However, the trick is that the amount is generally paid in increments. It will usually be spread out over a certain period of time and will be held in the player’s name in a separate account. Therefore in actuality, the player does not possess the deposit bonus immediately, but rather based on his playing time.

Additionally, players ought to make sure that the deposit bonuses apply to Canadian residents, as many online sites offer the special deals to customers other than Canadians.

Overall, gambling in Canada seems to be quite accessible to the players, when one is over the legal age of course. Moreover, not only is it easy to play, but it seems to be highly enjoyable to the players.

With a myriad of gambling sites offering numerous gaming services, Canadians residents are the envy of some gamblers that do not enjoy the same level of gambling freedom.

Gamblers do not have to go through the same problems that their US counterparts go through. It is as simple as playing in a traditional, land-based casino. All one has to do is put the desired amount of cash in one’s account and he’s ready to play.

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