All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020 Predictions Reveal Two Favorites

  • 2019 All-Ireland champions are likely to defend their title
  • Tipperary shares the best odds with Limerick
  • You shouldn’t underestimate Kilkenny on their way to the prize
All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020 Predictions
Tipperary are the favorites, but they'll have to face a strong rival...

2019 All-Ireland showed its winner last August. Tipperary won their 28th title, so sportsbook analysts started guessing whether they keep the title next year. All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020 predictions show that there will be another strong rival to compete for the prize.

All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020 will expectedly take place from April to August. The exact dates of the competition will be announced later but there are the first odds on the future champions. According to online sportsbook news in Ireland, Tipperary and Limerick are the main competitors for the title.

Tipperary leads All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020 predictions

The reigning champion of All Ireland Hurling Championship leads the best odds on the next competition. In 2019, Tipperary won their 28th title in All-Ireland, so now they’re the most likely to defend it next year.

At the last championship, Tipperary defeated Kilkenny in the final and became third most successful team among all counties. Currently, the team from Tipperary has the best odds on their victory, which is 4.50 at Bet365 Sportsbook. Concerning the successful history of Tipperary on the All-Ireland, it can easily win the second championship in a row.

Limerick has one of the best 2020 All-Ireland odds

Limerick GAA shares the best All Ireland Hurling Championship odds with its recent champions. According to online sportsbooks in Ireland, the county boards from Limerick has 4.50 odds on its victory. This makes its victory chances as high as Tipperary’s ones.

This year was quite successful for Limerick. The team became Munster Senior Hurling Championship for the 20th time. It easily reached the semi-final but failed to outplay Kilkenny and meet Tipperary in the final. The 2018 All-Ireland champions, however, still has the possibility to win next year. 

Kilkenny is just a step behind by the earliest predictions

The Kilkenny County Board is the main underdog of the next year’s competition. All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020 predictions say that hurlers from the County Kilkenny have 6.50 odds on their future victory.

Kilkenny has strong reasons to be the main dark horse of the 2020 All-Ireland. The team holds a national record as the most titled one (36 titles). Moreover, they are 71 times Leinster Championship winners and have 18 titles in the National Hurling League. Despite these amazing records, Kilkenny lost in this year’s final to Tipperary but still have chances to retrieve.

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