Irish Gambling Laws Change Postponed to Mid-2013

The Irish Parliament has postponed the new gambling tax laws discussions until the middle of next year.

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The Irish gambling laws in connection to gaming taxes will not be changed until mid-2013. The country’s Parliament has more important issues to focus on right now such as dismal economic situation, thus pushing the debates on the gambling taxes to a later date.

Industry experts told Irish gambling news that the issue of gambling taxes, changes to which were proposed earlier this year, will not be discussed until mid-2013 leaving more time for better focus and understanding of the issue.

Currently, Irish sixth austerity plan is being contested in the parliamentary debate. The issue is also number 1 public interest, pushing all other legislative proposals and changes to a later date.

The change to gambling laws proposed better regulation of online casinos in Ireland and other forms of gambling in general with a more liberal approach to land-based gaming. The proposals also included provisions for regulatory structures and tax regime on both offshore and domestic online gambling operators allowing Irish gamers to access their offerings.

Should the current proposals be accepted, the tax revenues from gambling are expected to reach the EUR 20 million a year mark.

Just as any other piece of legislation, the new gambling laws aren’t free of controversy. The proposal suggests that the gambling and lottery industries should have different regulators, a point which is certain to spark hot debates among parliamentary lawmakers in Ireland.

Besides the parliamentary delay, the change in gambling regulation will also bump into bureaucratic delay. Currently, the EU law requires any such legislation change to be submitted to the European Commission for review and acceptance in full compliance with EU Treaty requirements.

We sincerely hope that any gambling regulation change in Ireland will first of all benefit ordinary gamblers and not be just another way to fill up the state coffers.

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