Is Mississippi’s Casino Industry on a Decline?

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These haven’t been the easiest times economically speaking, and it looks like Mississippi’s casino industry is no exception. As the state braces for its largest casino Harrah Tunica to close, it looks like things are not alright in the state’s casino industry.

Casino closure has been hitting gambling news headlines all across the US lately, and Mississippi’s Harrah’s Tunica is the latest to bite the dust. The casino’s closure could result in 950 job losses in the already impoverished Tunica County.

Part of the problem stems from having far too many casinos, and not enough players. Anyone looking to gamble doesn’t have to go far to do it.

Harrah’s Tunica’s closure points to Mississippi’s casino industry decline

The change in the US gambling laws with the spread of legalized gambling that caused a boom in the US casino industry, and there are now casinos in 40 states, including those in Native American tribal properties.

In other states, casino gambling has seen significant shortfall, but in Mississippi, until lately it’s been doing OK, however, slowly but surely, revenues continued to drop.

Harrah’s Tunica has made an attempt to help out its 1300 workers, with some being allocated in different positions, but on a whole, most of the workforce will be unemployed. Some of the workers did not received severance pay either.

It’s unlikely Mississippi state will try to give casinos incentives to stay open, since it’s a very religious state, so gambling is open to criticism. For now the future is not bright for Mississippi’s casinos.

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