Joe And Hunter Biden Special Bets – The New Presidential Odds


Posted: December 18, 2023

Updated: December 18, 2023

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The Joe and Hunter Biden special bets are now available at some of the most special betting sites! Join us, and let’s try to predict the near future for the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, and of course, his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter has been seen by several people, and obviously, the controversy has led to the bet on whether he is going to be pardoned by his father (the President) or not.

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Today we are going to talk about the Joe and Hunter Biden special bets! Because it seems like the United States of America is not happy with the current President, or his son. Keep in mind that we are writing this article from a fully politically neutral perspective. However, we do acknowledge that we see accusations of tax evasion from Hunter. And obviously, we are no blind to the flaws of Joe Biden either.

However, our main focus is to figure out the results of the bets. Thus, we do not try to convince you of our political opinion. Rather, we are collecting data, and trying to predict a betting event to earn money! If you are interested in doing the same, then please register at some of the online sportsbook sites in the US. In this article, we will feature a partner whose odds we are featuring.

Approval Rating – Joe And Hunter Biden Special Bets

The most important thing about a President who seeks to join for a second election is the approval rating. Because this is the voice of the people. The statistics speak for what is of interest. And honestly? We do not see a bright future for President Biden too much. 

According to FiveThirtyEight, his approval rating was 39.0% (when this article was written). However, his disapproval rating is 55.3%. The question for the bookies is: Will it be above or under 40% by June 30th, 2024? If you are interested in wagering on any of the featured odds in this article. Then please register at Bovada Sportsbook.

Joe Biden Approval Rating June 30th, 2024:

  • Over 40% – 1.87
  • Under 40% – 1.87

Hunter Biden Specials

Moving on with the Joe And Hunter Biden special bets. This is a more serious one. This bet is a bingo on what is going to happen with Hunter Biden in the future. To understand his full situation, please read our article about the Hunter Biden laptop case. Because this is where everything began, and now we are at the point where people are demanding an answer to what we learned about Hunter. Rehab is going to be the first and foremost solution and escape from responsibility. But at the same time? Relocating to China is a bit extreme. Ukraine is possible, in my opinion. However, Artwork will likely not be exhibited this year.

Hunter Biden Specials:

  • In Rehab in 2023 – 2.50
  • Relocate to China in 2023 – 61.00
  • Relocate to Ukraine in 2023 – 61.00
  • Artwork Exhibited in MoMA by End of 2023 – 9.00

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Hunter’s Felony – Joe And Hunter Biden Special Bets

Okay, so let’s talk about something more grim on this list. According to USA Today, Hunter Biden is already entitled as someone having an addiction problem. Thus, we are more than certain that he is going to attend rehab. However, there is more to the case. He had a felony of one count of Tax Evasion, and two counts of filing false returns.

Supposedly, during this time he was actively smoking crack and cocaine. Nonetheless, he is still the President’s son, and he definitely can get a punishment for his felonies. No matter what substance he abused.

Will Hunter Biden Be Convicted Of A Felony And Serve Time In Prison Before 2025?

  • Yes – 5.75
  • No – 1.118

Joe Biden To Pardon Hunter

Moving on with the Joe and Hunter Biden special bets, let’s talk about the pardoning case. Because the President must pardon felonies, otherwise the felonies must be punished. We had a better deck for him, where he had the opportunity to pardon his rival, Donald Trump for an attempt to cheat the votes. However, this time we are debating whether he can Pardon his son, Hunter Biden, or not.

According to NBC News, the White House says no. This means that Biden is not going to risk his reputation, the Democrat party, and everything just to get his son out of the jail he rightfully deserves for cheating taxes and committing tax evasion.

Will Hunter Biden Be Pardoned By Joe Biden In His First Term As President?

  • Yes – 5.00
  • No – 1.154

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Impeachment – Joe And Hunter Biden Special Bets

The impeachment of Joe Biden is also due for these very reasons. We already explained the whole thing in our article: Joe Biden impeachment. I believe that the Republicans are going to push for impeachment. However, there is nothing that could indicate that Joe Biden is guilty of anything. This means that we think that he is not going to get impeached during his first term as President. If he wins the second one (he probably won’t), then the impeachment might work in his second run.

Will Joe Biden Be Impeached During His First Term As President?

  • Yes – 3.35
  • No – 1.303

To Finish the First Term

One last thing a President should do is finish the term. The Joe and Hunter Biden special bets are also going to debate whether he is going to finish, or not. Because there are high chance that a President gets removed from their position in case a felony or crime is involved. However, we can not truly believe that the President is going to be impeached or removed so late in their Presidency.

We think that he is going to finish this term, and then the people are never going to re-elect him, or his son. But who can be the new US President? So far, we believe that DeSantis has the highest chance, in case he finds a compromise with the opponent side’s followers. Nonetheless, register at Bovada Sportsbook to bet!

Will Joe Biden Finish His First Term?

  • Yes – 1.133
  • No – 5.40

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