Who Can Be The New US President? – The Confirmed Candidates


Posted: September 14, 2023

Updated: September 14, 2023

  • Time to evaluate the candidates
  • We left out the rumors and unlikely winners
  • Who can be the new US President?

Who can be the new US president? We are going to list the most likely winners of the next race for the Presidential role. However, there are way too many confirmed candidates. And I am sad to state that only one Democrat is on the list. Because the big three right now are Trump, Biden, and DeSantis. Which means there isn’t a place for a fourth. I can see Kennedy joining.

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Today we are going to discuss who can be the new US president. This means that you are going to be able to bet on all of these names at the online sportsbook sites in the US. Keep in mind that our article is based on observations and research. Therefore, we are fully independent of US politics. However, we are enthusiastic about the betting outcomes.

This means that we will have an outsider’s perspective on the person who would be chosen by the majority of the US demographics. Therefore, we are not going to give you our personal bias. Rather, a voice of the available data. If you love to bet on politics, then this is pretty much your main political bet of all time.

Who Can Be The New US President?

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Ron DeSantis – Republican

  • Trump Comparison
  • Popular Alternative
  • Culture Wars Leader
  • Policy Highlights
  • Shrewd Leadership

Who can be the new US President if not him? Imagine if Donald Trump’s courage was put into the right place. That’s what you get with Ron DeSantis. He is confirmed to run for presidency during the next election. He is the Republican opposition to Trump.

Which means that he by no means supports Trump in his decisions. According to Sky News, he is in the ‘Big Three’ of the election. Leading the polls with Donald Trump, Joe Biden and himself. He is the Republican who isn’t welcoming Trump in the same house anymore.

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Donald Trump – Who Can Be The New US President?

  • Former US president
  • Has his political cult
  • A large group of people supporting him
  • Been to jail, using it as a new campaign
  • Claims Biden was a fraud

After Donald Trump went to jail, he decided to turn to politics. This means that after it was proven that he attempted to cheat the votes. His biggest political weapon is to claim that current US President Joe Biden has been cheating the votes too. In conclusion, I believe that this is the year where Donald Trump is not going to win.

It is just impossible for him to win an election after having a proven case of cheating. No matter how much he gets Joe Biden impeached in case his claims are true. However, I believe that Donald Trump’s endorsement is worth way more than gold. If he steps down and supports someone? That person will win.

Joe Biden – Democrat

Moving on to Joe Biden, we can see that he is in a deep pool of crap right now. Thanks to his son’s laptop, Hunter’s explicit sexual and substance abuse was leaked. There is more to the eye than just hedonism. It hints that he might have been doing shady deals with Ukraine. On the other hand, the Democratic party claims that the impeachment call might backfire.

I highly believe that this year, Joe Biden is not going to be able to continue his politics. Just take a look at the Joe Biden betting odds for 2024. His campaign is to finish the job he started. But why couldn’t he finish that job in 4 years? This, and his videos of strange behavior on stage will probably prevent his election.

Tim Scott – Republican

  • Strong fundraiser for the Republican Party.
  • Supported GOP candidates
  • He served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Contribution to police reform
  • Actively against police brutality
  • Conservative views on immigration, climate, health care, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

According to the People, Tim Scott is one of the people who can be the new US president. He would be a fresh face from the conservative party. He was willing to cooperate with the Democrats to achieve a common goal and fix the police issues. Therefore, Tim Scott knows how to put competition aside for the greater good. He is anti-LGBTQ, however, he has never got married and is single. Which raises a lot of questions about his standing on things by the people.

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Vivek Ramaswamy – Republican

  • Anti-Woke Entrepreneur
  • Divisive Unity Platform
  • Strong opinion on America’s values
  • Book: “Woke, Inc.”
  • Conservative Thought Leader
  • Fox News Regular
  • GOP Primary Challenger
  • Uniting America

Who can be the new US President for the youth if not Vivek? – This is going to be a hard red pill to swallow. But outside of joking, Vivek Ramaswamy is a young man with an extremely strong opinion. However, he truly speaks what is on his heart, ignoring the sensitivity of our area. 

According to Reddit, people want a young person, and he could be the fresh energy we need. However, the rest of the world might not agree with his opinions. I would say that the world is not ready for him, but at the same time, he is not ready for the world. Governing the United States will take more than just America.

Nikki Haley – Republican – Who Can Be The New US President?

  • Trump supporter
  • Trump supporter?
  • Never lost a race and ready to be elected
  • Faded into the background for now

Finally, she is my final possibility on the list. I know that our list has featured mostly republican people. But at the same time? I highly believe that right now these people are the most promising candidates. Keep in mind that when there are multiple people in the competition, only a maximum of three can be highlighted.

Niki Haley is on my list because she is not confident at all. However, if Trump decides to step back, he might endorse her. And as I mentioned above, Trump’s endorsement of fresh energy can be a gigantic boost, and it might be Trump’s trump card. Do you disagree with us? Please do, and bet at BC. Game Sportsbook.

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