Kelly in Vegas is Shaking up the Sportsbetting World

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Kelly Stewart is proving that good looks and great betting can go together like white and rice.

This isn’t your dad’s betting shop, a smoke-filled hovel packed with men on their lunch break, being served by an overweight guy with his armpit hair showing through his shirt.

This is modern Vegas, a magical place where people all over the spectrum of gender, physical appearance and age (over 18, that is) can bet on sports in America, and do it in style.

No one embodies that entrepreneurial spirit better than Kelly Stewart, a.k.a. KellyinVegas. Kelly is as intelligent as she is attractive, and while her first year in Vegas was spent waitressing and losing money at the blackjack tables, she quickly started putting her sports knowledge to use.

A sports fan turned handicapper

Kelly is a lifelong sports fan, and eventually a friend in the bookmaking business recommended that she try to make a living as a handicapper. Nevada is one of the few states where sportsbetting is permitted according to American gambling laws, so what better place?

Kelly specializes in NFL and NCAA football games, but after the Super Bowl she dabbles in men’s basketball as well. She approaches handicapping like a full-time job, devoting roughly 40 hours per week to spotting weaknesses in point spreads.

Looks can get someone many things in life, but success in sportsbetting isn’t one of them. Just as KellyinVegas.

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